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Title Number Responsible Office

Notices of Address Discrepancies Received in the Use of Consumer Credit Reports

Establishes procedures for users of consumer credit reports upon the receipt of a notice of an address discrepancy from a consumer reporting agency.

FIN-ACC-570 Financial Management Services

Off-Premise Capital Equipment Control

Establishes controls and responsibilities for capital equipment removed from university premises for 31 days or more.

FIN-ACC-140 Financial Management Services

Official Budget

Provides for public access to the current year’s official IU operating budget at the Financial Management Services Budget Administration Office.

FIN-BUD-1 Budget Office

Operation of University Vehicles

Establishes safe driving practices to be followed while operating any motorized vehicle during the course of university business.

FIN-INS-03 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Ownership of University Capital Assets

Establishes ownership guidelines for university capital assets in the custody of Indiana University.

FIN-ACC-270 Capital Assets

Payment Methods and Pay Advices

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-040 Financial Management Services

Payments for Memberships in Social Organizations

Establishes rules for paying memberships in social organizations, such as clubs, golf course dues, sororities, fraternities, and civic organizations.

FIN-ACC-70 Financial Management Services

Payroll Compliance

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-001 Financial Management Services

Payroll Overpayment Processing

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-050 Financial Management Services

Permanent Adjustments to General Fund Budgets

Establishes requirements for adjusting the base budget to reflect all permanent reallocations and changes.

FIN-BUD-30 Budget Office

Prepayment of Orders

Assures satisfactory value is received prior to payment for goods or services.

FIN-PUR-7.0 Procurement Services

Preservation and Destruction of Public Financial Records

Establishes conditions and limitations for preserving and destroying public financial records, as required by federal and state regulations.

FIN-ACC-110 Financial Management Services

Processing Revenue

Implements revenue processing and review procedures to standardize revenue processing within the university across similar functions.

FIN-TRE-120 Treasury Operations

Procurement for Off-Shore University Activities

Establishes a means for contracting with third-party administrators to secure goods and services in a foreign country under certain circumstances.

FIN-PUR-17.0 Procurement Services

Procurement of Appliances and Electronics

Establishes energy efficiency requirements for energy consuming products, appliances, and equipment purchased by the university.

FIN-PUR-19.0 Procurement Services

Protection of Old Growth Forests

Addresses the university's efforts to avoid the purchase and use of wood and paper products made from wood raw materials found in old growth forests.

FIN-PUR-10.1 Procurement Services

Public Inspection of Indiana University Accounts Receipts and Expenditures

Establishes guidelines and procedures for public access to and review of the university's financial records.

FIN-ACC-90 Financial Management Services

Purchase Order Award Criteria

Establishes criteria to be considered when making purchase order awards.

FIN-PUR-5.5 Procurement Services

Purchases for Employees

Defines restrictions on the use of University resources and contracts for employees' personal acquisition of goods or services.

FIN-PUR-3.5 Procurement Services

Purchases from Historically Underutilized Suppliers

Addresses IU's commitment to providing historically-underutilized businesses with greater opportunities for participation in the procurement process.

FIN-PUR-13.0 Procurement Services