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Title Number Responsible Office

Purchasing Ethics

Details the ethical standards to which all university employees authorized to conduct purchasing activities are held.

FIN-PUR-3.0 Procurement Services


Defines requirements for establishing accounts to be classified, invested, and accounted for as "quasi-endowments," or, funds functioning as endowments.

FIN-TRE-180 Capital Finance

Ranking of Fiscal Officer, Account Supervisor, Account Manager, and Delegation of Signature Authority

Establishes rank requirements for individuals who may authorize financial transactions on an account.

FIN-ACC-10 Financial Management Services

Recharge and Service Center Activity

Defines a formula for determining the proper amount to charge a university account for services or products.

FIN-ACC-400 Financial Management Services


Imposes restrictions to ensure that purchasing awards are made on the merits of the purchasing process and not influenced by outside considerations.

FIN-PUR-3.2 Procurement Services

Recording and Reviewing Time Worked by Non-Exempt Employees

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-020 Financial Management Services

Reimbursement for Housing Allowances

Provides a housing allowance to chancellors to cover expenses incurred while conducting university-related activities in the chancellor's home.

FIN-BUD-60 Budget Office

Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency Situations

Establishes guidelines for allowable meal reimbursements to employees called to work during non-scheduled hours in an emergency situation.

FIN-ACC-430 Financial Management Services

Reimbursement of Travel Expenditures

Provides guidance as to the types of travel-related expenses that will be reimbursed from university funds.

FIN-TRV-2.0 Travel Management Services

Reimbursement Under the Accountable Plan

Indiana University reimburses individuals under an accountable plan, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for ordinary and necessary business expenses incurred.

FIN-ACC-620 Financial Management Services

Release of Payroll Information and Employment Verifications

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-060 Financial Management Services

Release of Procurement Information

Establishes provisions for the release of procurement transaction information to provide for open public access to appropriate institutional data.

FIN-PUR-11.0 Procurement Services

Reporting of Construction Losses and Accidents

Establishes requirements for reporting property damage and personal injury incurred during the course of construction of any IU project.

FIN-INS-14 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Responsibilities in Acquisition Process

Details the cooperative relationship between the purchasing and requesting departments necessary for the acquisition of goods and services.

FIN-PUR-4.0 Procurement Services

Restricted Purchases

Defines the items which are restricted from purchase with university funds.

FIN-PUR-10.0 Procurement Services

Review of Fiscal Activities

Requires fiscal managers to regularly review the financial activities for which they are responsible, and provides a procedure reference for reviews.

FIN-BUD-20 Budget Office

Risks of Potential Identity Theft in the Use of Stored-Value and Payroll Deduct

Establishes procedures for validating address changes and replacement ID card requests to reduce the risk of identity theft.

FIN-ACC-580 Financial Management Services

Role of Fiscal Officer, Account Manager and Account Supervisor

Defines fiscal officer, account manager, and account supervisor roles to ensure fiscal control, accountability, and integrity for university accounts.

FIN-ACC-1 Financial Management Services

Sale of Computing Equipment

Defines and directs management of computing technology with storage devices and institutional information before its removal from IU campuses.

FIN-PUR-14.1 Procurement Services

Segregation of Duties for Payroll Processing

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-010 Financial Management Services