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Title Number Responsible Office

Gifts to Employees or Non-Employees

Imposes restrictions on the use of university funds to purchase gifts for individuals.

FIN-ACC-590 Financial Management Services

Historical Data Only in the Official Accounting Records

Defines requirements for recording transactions at historical costs to ensure an accurate reflection of all costs and revenues.

FIN-ACC-380 Financial Management Services

Hospitality Expenditures

Details the types of hospitality expenses incurred while conducting university business that may be approved or reimbursed to IU faculty and staff.

FIN-ACC-50 Financial Management Services

Inappropriate Use of University Funds

Ensures that fiscal officers, account managers, and account supervisors exercise judgment in determining if an expenditure is appropriate.

FIN-ACC-330 Financial Management Services

Indiana University Campus Art Collection Policies: Acquisition by Gift, Acquisition by Purchase or Loan and Deaccession

Establishes procedures for acquiring, selling, borrowing, and loaning campus art collections.

FIN-INS-12 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Interest Income

Establishes guidelines for using interest income as funds for capital projects and land acquisition when state-appropriated funds are not available.

FIN-BUD-70 Budget Office

Interest Income Use

Defines appropriate reporting and use of interest income, in accordance with state statute.

FIN-BUD-9 Budget Office

Interim Operating Advances

Establishes financing terms and conditions for providing interim operating advances to departments in the Auxiliary Enterprise fund group.

FIN-TRE-60 Financial Management Services, Office of the Treasurer

Internal Controls

Establishes responsibility for building and maintaining internal controls, which are a system of policies and procedures that help IU meet its goals.

FIN-ACC-470 Financial Management Services

Internal Loan Policy for Capital Construction and Renovation Projects - Capital Lending Program

Details procedures for authorizing and administering loans from IU's internal cash liquidity resources for capital construction/renovation projects.

FIN-TRE-130 Capital Finance


Establishes requirements for maintaining recharge center inventories, including the appropriate valuation method and recording procedures.

FIN-ACC-390 Financial Management Services

Investment Policy

Establishes principles to help IU effectively supervise, monitor, and evaluate investments of financial assets.

FIN-TRE-150 Office of the Treasurer

Licensing and Trademark Policy

Provides standards, information, and guidance on the permissible use of IU's names and trademarks and stipulates its licensing requirements.

FIN-LT-01 Director of Licensing and Trademarks under Associate VP for Procurement Services

Minors in Hazardous Work Areas

Establishes guidelines for appropriate visitation by minors to IU laboratories or work areas with potentially hazardous materials or conditions.

FIN-INS-15 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Mobile Plan and Device Allowance

Establishes guidelines for obtaining mobile devices and off-campus Internet access for business purposes.

FIN-ACC-480 Financial Management Services

Moving Expenses

Provides a means of paying for, or reimbursing, moving expenses incurred by new employees that are full-time staff or faculty members.

FIN-ACC-310 Financial Management Services


Establishes requirements for utilizing the process of negotiation to establish working relationships.

FIN-PUR-5.3 Procurement Services

Non-Solicitation on Campus

Policy prohibiting unauthorized commercial solicitation and vendors on IU property.

FIN-PUR-21.0 Procurement Services

Non-Student (External) Accounts Receivable, Annual Write-off Report

FIN-ACC-490 Financial Management Services

Notices of Address Discrepancies Received in the Use of Consumer Credit Reports

Establishes procedures for users of consumer credit reports upon the receipt of a notice of an address discrepancy from a consumer reporting agency.

FIN-ACC-570 Financial Management Services