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Title Number Responsible Office

Donations and Contributions to Other Entities

Establishes rules for making donations and contributions to other entities with university funds.

FIN-ACC-80 Financial Management Services

Donor Intent Responsibilities

Establishes responsibility for ensuring that gifts received for the benefit of IU are spent/utilized in accordance with the donor's intended purpose.

FIN-ACC-45 Capital Finance, VP and General Counsel

Drawings, Games, and Prizes

Places limits on prize value for drawings/games of chance and requires additional approval for high-value prize events to comply with IRS regulations.

FIN-ACC-640 VP and Chief Financial Officer

Driving Privileges

Assists the university in determining who will be authorized to drive vehicles on university business.

FIN-INS-02 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Emergency Situations

Provides for the expedition of order placements in emergency situations to ensure the health and safety of the public and institutional property.

FIN-PUR-5.4 Procurement Services


Establishes restrictions on endorsements of vendors and their products or services by purchasing departments.

FIN-PUR-8.0 Procurement Services

Equipment Transfers

Defines the circumstances under which Indiana University faculty members transferring from the university may be allowed to take with them equipment purchased with either their grant and contract funds or university funds.

FIN-GCA-70 Financial Management Services

Establishing and Closing University Bank Accounts

Designates authority for establishing and closing bank accounts used to conduct University business.

FIN-TRE-52 Office of the Treasurer

Establishing and Modifying Revenue Producing Activities (RPA)

Defines a process for establishing/modifying activities which generate revenue by selling products/services by IU departments, units, and individuals.

FIN-TRE-121 Office of the Treasurer

Executive Air Travel

Establishes a limit on the number of university executives that may travel together on a single aircraft.

FIN-INS-19 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

External Agency Agreements

Establishes guidelines and an operating framework for IU to serve as fiscal agent for certain tax-exempt 501(c)(3) entities.

FIN-TRE-90 Capital Finance, VP and General Counsel

Financial Sub-Certification

Defines provisions for annual certification of units' financial activity.

FIN-ACC-510 Financial Management Services

Fire Safety

Procedures to reduce risk from open burning, heat sources, and flammable materials.

FIN-INS-16 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Fiscal Misconduct

Establishes the consequences of fiscal misconduct and proper mechanisms for reporting instances of known or suspected fiscal misconduct.

FIN-ACC-30 Financial Management Services

Form(s) Design and Control

Establishes a uniform approval process for the design of official university financial forms.

FIN-ACC-100 Financial Management Services


Establishes the consequences of fraud and appropriate mechanisms for reporting instances of known or suspected fraud.

FIN-ACC-35 Financial Management Services

Fund Structure and Account Approval

Establishes the fund groups into which funds with similar funding sources or expenditures are combined for reporting purposes.

FIN-ACC-120 Financial Management Services

Furniture Purchases

Establishes responsibility for implementing the approved standards for university furniture purchases.

FIN-PUR-9.0 Procurement Services

General Fund Year-End Balances

Details guidelines for reporting on and maintaining campus general fund year-end reserves and for using reserves exceeding the set guideline amount.

FIN-BUD-4 Budget Office

Gifts and Gratuities

Establishes restrictions on gifts and other such gratuities provided to employees by current or potential suppliers to the university.

FIN-PUR-3.4 Procurement Services