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These new or revised university-wide policies have been approved within the past six months.

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The curtailment of the workforce for reasons of, but not limited to, the following: budget, lack of work, or reorganization.

HR-10-10 Human Resources 12/10/2018

Investment Policy

Establishes principles to help IU effectively supervise, monitor, and evaluate investments of financial assets.

FIN-TRE-150 Office of the Treasurer 12/06/2018

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Details IU's commitment to and procedures for accommodating the needs of faculty, staff, students, and guests with disabilities.

UA-02 Office of Institutional Equity 12/06/2018

Bylaws of the University Faculty Council of Indiana University

Overviews the standing bylaws of the Indiana University Faculty Council.

ACA-05 University Faculty Council 11/27/2018

Time Off for Funerals and Bereavement

Communicates provisions for taking time off to attend funerals or for bereavement purposes.

HR-05-110 Human Resources 11/07/2018

Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

UA-17 Board of Trustees, University Faculty Council, Human Resources, Office of Research Compliance, Procurement Services, University Compliance Office 10/11/2018

Bicycles, Scooters, and Other Personal Conveyance Vehicles

Establishes regulations for parking bicycles and for allowing bicycles inside buildings.

FIN-INS-13 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims 09/24/2018

Reduction in Force

The curtailment of the workforce resulting in the elimination of one or more Staff positions due to, but not limited to, the following: budget, lack of work, reorganization, or reduction of staff positions.

HR-10-20 Human Resources 09/17/2018

Indiana University School of Medicine Paid Family Leave for Academic Appointees

Details the circumstances under which School of Medicine academic appointees may take up to twelve weeks of paid family leave.

ACA-51 Office of the Dean, School of Medicine 08/10/2018

Discretionary Leave of Absence

Establishes provisions for discretionary leaves of absence, including authorization, benefits while on leave, and additional procedures.

HR-05-10 Human Resources 08/02/2018

Travel Policy

Provides guidance on making and approving out-of-state travel requests.

FIN-TRV-1.0 Procurement Services 08/02/2018

Ownership, Depreciation and Capitalization of University Assets

Defines the ownership, capitalization and depreciation of any capital asset in the custody of Indiana University.

FIN-ACC-150 Capital Assets, Financial Management Services 08/01/2018

Management of Infectious and Communicable Disease

This policy and associated procedures set Indiana University’s expectations in the area of infectious and communicable disease.

PS-EHS-03 Environmental Heath and Safety 07/27/2018

Union-Administration Relations (Union Release Time) (AFSCME Service)

Details certain rights and activities of AFSCME union representatives for Service Staff.

HR-12-50 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Position Classification/Reclassification

Details the requirements for classifying and reclassifying BL and NW Support Staff positions at the appropriate job and grade level.

HR-01-20 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Posting a Position Vacancy

Details steps to advertise vacant staff positions and the levels at which vacancies may be advertised (campus, occupational unit, etc.).

HR-01-30 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Premium Pay

Details premium pay benefits for Support and Service staff and Temporary employees, including call back, on-call or standby, shift differential, and Sunday premium pay.

HR-03-50 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment

Details uniform and protective equipment provisions for AFSCME covered employees.

HR-06-50 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Evaluation Periods for New, Promoted, and Transferred Employees

Communicates requirements for new, promoted, and transferred employees' evaluation periods, including length and limitations.

HR-02-60 Human Resources 06/28/2018

Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Details IU's commitment to providing equal opportunities for all individuals and to taking affirmative action to overcome historical discrimination.

UA-01 Office of Institutional Equity 06/27/2018


Details the holidays which IU observes and holiday pay provisions.

HR-05-30 Human Resources 06/15/2018