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These new or revised university-wide policies have been approved within the past six months.

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Title Number Responsible Office Effective or Updated

IU Service Credit from Affiliated Entities

Defines allowable service credit transfers and the impact on benefits for individuals who move directly from employment with an affiliate to IU.

HR-02-70 Human Resources 07/17/2017

Premium Pay

Details premium pay benefits for Support and Service staff and Temporary employees, including call back, on-call or standby, shift differential, and Sunday premium pay.

HR-03-50 Human Resources 07/17/2017

Capital Financing

FIN-TRE-140 Office of the Treasurer 06/15/2017

Routing of Sponsored Programs Documents at Indiana University

Establishes guidelines for the proper routing of documents for sponsored projects.

SPA-11-018 VP for Research 06/07/2017

Medical and Dental Coverages

Details employee medical and dental coverage information such as effective date, plan changes, coverage termination, and other related provisions.

HR-04-50 Human Resources 06/06/2017

In-State Tuition Rates for Certain Veterans, Military Members, and GI Bill Recipients

Establishes provisions for remission of the nonresident portion of credit-hour fees for full-time military personnel and spouses stationed in Indiana.

USSS-08 Student Services and Systems 05/15/2017

Official University Identification Card

Outlines how the Official University Identification Card is issued, replaced, used, and managed.

UA-13 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs, VP and Chief Financial Officer 05/08/2017

Recharge and Service Center Activity

Defines a formula for determining the proper amount to charge a university account for services or products.

FIN-ACC-400 Financial Management Services 05/08/2017

Paid Parental Leave

Details paid time off provisions for parental leaves.

HR-05-65 Human Resources 05/04/2017

Change in Effort or Status of Principal Investigator or Other Key Personnel

Provides guidelines for timely and accurate payroll confirmation of IU faculty, staff, and students paid all or in part on sponsored program accounts.

SPA-11-001 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Cost Sharing on Sponsored Programs

Provides guidelines and the process for proposing, contributing, and reporting cost share on externally funded sponsored projects.

SPA-11-002 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Eligibility: Principal Investigator or Project Director

Establishes guidelines for notification of change in effort or status of a principal investigator or other key personnel of a sponsored program.

SPA-11-006 VP for Research 05/03/2017

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Salary Limitation

Establishes guidelines for adhering to the NIH salary limitation and ensuring that cost share is correctly recorded on sponsored research accounts.

SPA-11-008 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Overdrafts, Bad Debts and Audit Disallowances on Sponsored Programs

Provides guidelines on the resolution of cost overdrafts and audit disallowances.

SPA-11-009 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Payments and Fee Remissions to Graduate Students on Sponsored Programs

Provides guidelines for payments and fee remissions to graduate sutdents from sponsored program accounts.

SPA-11-010 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Program Income on Sponsored Programs

Provides guidelines for the identification, documentation, expending and reporting of program income on sponsored programs.

SPA-11-011 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Residual Income on Fixed Price Sponsored Programs

Establishes guidelines for the transfer of residual income on fixed price awards from a sponsored account.

SPA-11-012 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Signatory Authority and Legal Name for Sponsored Programs at Indiana University

Provides a process for proper authorization of sponsored program documents and to prevent unauthorized commitments of institutional resources.

SPA-11-013 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Sponsored Programs (Grant and Contracts) and Gifts: Definitions and Administration

Provides guidelines for fiscal management of sponsored programs and to meet federal, state, and regulatory requirements for the stewardship of funds.

SPA-11-014 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Subrecipient Monitoring

Defines respective roles and responsibilities for Subrecipient Monitoring.

SPA-11-019 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Summer Salary from Sponsored Program Accounts

Provides guidelines for the allowable summer salary rates on sponsored programs.

SPA-11-015 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Supplemental Pay on a Federally Sponsored Research Account

Establishes guidelines for the charging of supplemental pay to sponsored research accounts.

SPA-11-016 VP for Research 05/03/2017

Research Misconduct

Establishes standards for appropriate research conduct and procedures for fair adjudication in cases of alleged misconduct.

ACA-30 Office of Research Compliance 04/18/2017

Management of Institutional Data

Establishes acceptable use and disclosure of IU institutional data.

DM-01 Committee of Data Stewards 02/22/2017

Corrective Action for Support Staff (CWA, Local 4730)

Establishes procedures for taking formal actions to correct or improve Staff employee performance and behavior.

HR-08-50 Human Resources 02/20/2017

Leaves for Military Duty and Leaves for Military Families

Details provisions for IU employee leaves to fulfill military training or active duty obligations and leaves for family members of military personnel.

HR-05-60 Human Resources 02/20/2017

Unmanned Aircraft (Drones and Model Aircraft)

Establishes procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on Indiana University Property and/or by university employees as a part of their employment or University activities.

PS-05 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims 02/17/2017

University Signage

Establishes conventions and procedures for location, direction, and way-finding signs on Indiana University campuses.

CPF-03 VP for Capital Planning and Facilities 02/02/2017