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Title Number Responsible Office

Accepting Electronic Payments

Establishes guidelines for receiving and processing electronic payments efficiently, consistently, securely, and in a controlled manner.

FIN-TRE-110 Treasury Operations

Accrual Accounting

Establishes requirements for maintaining university operations and preparing compliance reports on the accrual basis of accounting each fiscal year.

FIN-ACC-350 Financial Management Services

Adjustments to Budget

Defines the procedure for establishing new budgets after the start of the fiscal year.

FIN-BUD-40 Financial Management Services

Allowable Travel Payments to Faculty Members on Leave

Establishes provisions for using university funds to pay travel expenses for faculty members on leave who are involved in work that benefits IU.

FIN-ACC-610 Financial Management Services

Animals on University Property

Establishes guidelines that owners must follow when bringing their animals to university buildings or grounds.

FIN-INS-11 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Authorization of Budget Adjustments

Establishes procedures for reviewing budget adjustment requests for all accounts, including budgeted funds for contracts and grants.

FIN-BUD-50 Budget Office

Automated External Defibrillators

Establishes procedures and guidelines for the purchase, placement, maintenance, and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

FIN-INS-08 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Auxiliary Financial Standards

Establishes financial oversight and review standards for auxiliary units and outlines requirements for units identified as having fiscal problems.

FIN-ACC-600 Financial Management Services

Bicycles, Scooters, and Other Personal Conveyance Vehicles

Establishes regulations for parking bicycles and for allowing bicycles inside buildings.

FIN-INS-13 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Budget Requirements - Non-General Fund Accounts

Details the circumstances under which accounts within specified fund groups must establish an operating budget.

FIN-BUD-10 Budget Office

Cancellation of University Checks (non-payroll)

Communicates the process for requesting disbursement check cancellations.

FIN-ACC-520 Financial Management Services

Capital Financing

FIN-TRE-140 Capital Finance

Capital Movable Asset Physical Inventories, Tagging and Location Changes

Defines the requirements for tagging and conducting physical inventories of moveable equipment to ensure compliance with OMB circular A110.

FIN-ACC-170 Capital Assets

CDL Requirements

Establishes commercial driver's license requirements for IU employees who operate commercial motor vehicles or require a CDL to perform job duties.

FIN-INS-01 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Charitable Gifts to Indiana University

Provides guidance to faculty and staff concerning the depositing, recording, and acknowledgment of all charitable gifts received on behalf of IU.

FIN-ACC-40 Financial Management Services

Check Forgery of University Checks

Establishes proper documentation and processing procedures for payee claims of signature forgery on a university check.

FIN-ACC-550 Financial Management Services

Competition and Sourcing

FIN-PURCH-03 Procurement Services

Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

UA-17 Board of Trustees, University Faculty Council, Human Resources, Office of Research Compliance, Procurement Services, University Compliance Office

Custodial Funds

Details provisions for authorizing the use of funds to meet specific operational needs within a designated custodian's area of responsibility.

FIN-ACC-560 Financial Management Services

Depositing of Revenue for the Sale of Goods and Services at the IU Foundation

Establishes guidelines for depositing and transferring funds generated by the sale of a good or service to the IU Foundation from IU.

FIN-ACC-460 Financial Management Services