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Title Number Responsible Office

Academic Calendar

Explains key guidelines for the construction of calendars across Indiana University's campuses.

ACA-63 University Faculty Council

Academic Distinction and Honors

Establishes standards for graduating with academic distinction and honors for baccalaureate and associate degree candidates.

ACA-64 University Faculty Council

Academic Freedom

Describes the the purpose and guidelines of academic freedom for faculty.

ACA-32 University Faculty Council

Academic Specialist Appointments

Details the responsibilities, appointment terms, rights and privileges of, and benefits afforded to academic specialists.

ACA-23 University Faculty Council

Access to and Maintenance of Academic Employee Records

Details procedures for maintaining academic employee records and for public, university administrators, and academic employee access to such records.

ACA-27 University Faculty Council

Accommodation for Religious Observances

Establishes provisions for making reasonable accommodations to allow students to observe their religious holidays.

ACA-59 University Faculty Council

Advertising Policy for Academic Instructional Positions

Details guidelines for advertising academic instructional positions so they meet Department of Labor requirements.

ACA-77 Affirmative Action Office

Affordable Care Act for Academic Employees

Clarifies the university's policies regarding the appointment of academic employees in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

ACA-75 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Agreements With Overseas Institutions And Cross-Border Activities

Details requirements governing agreements with overseas institutions of research or higher education for two-way exchange of faculty or students.

INT-01 VP for International Affairs

Annual Reports for Faculty and Librarians

Establishes guidelines for faculty and librarian annual reports which cover the previous year’s professional activities and accomplishments.

ACA-25 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Appointment to Graduate School Faculty

Explains the requirements for membership in the Graduate Faculty.

ACA-15 Graduate Faculty Council

Authority of the President, Vice Presidents and Chancellors/Provost

Overviews the roles and responsibilities of the positions in the Office of the President.

ACA-02 Board of Trustees

Authority of The Trustees of Indiana University

Outlines the purpose, mission and function of the Trustees of Indiana University.

ACA-01 Board of Trustees

Ban on Incentive Compensation Related to Student Services

Indiana University prohibits the award of any commission, bonus or other incentive payment to any person or entity who is engaged in any student recruitment or admission activity, or in making decisions regarding the award of title IV, HEA program funds.

USSS-17 Student Services and Systems

Bylaws of the University Faculty Council of Indiana University

Overviews the standing bylaws of the Indiana University Faculty Council.

ACA-05 University Faculty Council

Change in Scholarship / Athletic Hearing Procedures

Details procedures for notifying student athletes of scholarship changes and for appeal hearings.

USSS-12 Student Services and Systems

Cheating and Plagiarism

Defines cheating a plagiarism and establishes standards for taking action against students who are suspected in engaging in either act.

ACA-72 University Faculty Council

Classification of Academic Appointments

Details various academic appointment classifications including tenure-track, non-tenure-track faculty, and specialist and honorary appointments.

ACA-14 University Faculty Council

Code of Academic Ethics

Outlines the academic ethics that faculty should adhere to.

ACA-33 University Faculty Council

Code of Conduct Related to Student Loan Activities

Establishes a code of conduct for transactions and activities related to student financial aid matters, in compliance with federal law (HEOA).

USSS-01 Student Services and Systems