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Title Number Responsible Office

Academic Calendar

Explains key guidelines for the construction of calendars across Indiana University's campuses.

ACA-63 Faculty Council

Academic Distinction and Honors

Establishes standards for graduating with academic distinction and honors for baccalaureate and associate degree candidates.

ACA-64 Faculty Council

Academic Freedom

Describes the the purpose and guidelines of academic freedom for faculty.

ACA-32 Faculty Council

Academic Specialist Appointments

Details the responsibilities, appointment terms, rights and privileges of, and benefits afforded to academic specialists.

ACA-23 Faculty Council

Access to and Maintenance of Academic Employee Records

Details procedures for maintaining academic employee records and for public, university administrators, and academic employee access to such records.

ACA-27 Faculty Council

Accommodation for Religious Observances

Establishes provisions for making reasonable accommodations to allow students to observe their religious holidays.

ACA-59 Faculty Council

Advertising Policy for Academic Instructional Positions

Details guidelines for advertising academic instructional positions so they meet Department of Labor requirements.

ACA-77 Affirmative Action Office

Affordable Care Act for Academic Employees

Clarifies the university's policies regarding the appointment of academic employees in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

ACA-75 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Agreements With Overseas Institutions And Cross-Border Activities

Details requirements governing agreements with overseas institutions of research or higher education for two-way exchange of faculty or students.

INT-01 VP for International Affairs

Annual Reports for Faculty and Librarians

Establishes guidelines for faculty and librarian annual reports which cover the previous year’s professional activities and accomplishments.

ACA-25 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Appointment to Graduate School Faculty

Explains the requirements for membership in the Graduate Faculty.

ACA-15 Graduate Faculty Council

Appropriate Duties of Academic Employees (Ghost Employees)

Details requirements for all academic employees to perform duties appropriately related to the operation of the University, in compliance with state law.

ACA-42 VP and General Counsel

Authority of the President, Vice Presidents and Chancellors/Provost

Overviews the roles and responsibilities of the positions in the Office of the President.

ACA-02 Board of Trustees

Authority of The Trustees of Indiana University

Outlines the purpose, mission and function of the Trustees of Indiana University.

ACA-01 Board of Trustees

Ban on Incentive Compensation Related to Student Services

Indiana University prohibits the award of any commission, bonus or other incentive payment to any person or entity who is engaged in any student recruitment or admission activity, or in making decisions regarding the award of title IV, HEA program funds.

USSS-17 Student Services and Systems

Bylaws of the University Faculty Council of Indiana University

Overviews the standing bylaws of the Indiana University Faculty Council.

ACA-05 Faculty Council

Change in Scholarship / Athletic Hearing Procedures

Details procedures for notifying student athletes of scholarship changes and for appeal hearings.

USSS-12 Student Services and Systems

Cheating and Plagiarism

Defines cheating a plagiarism and establishes standards for taking action against students who are suspected in engaging in either act.

ACA-72 Faculty Council

Classification of Academic Appointments

Details various academic appointment classifications including tenure-track, non-tenure-track faculty, and specialist and honorary appointments.

ACA-14 Faculty Council

Code of Academic Ethics

Outlines the academic ethics that faculty should adhere to.

ACA-33 Faculty Council

Code of Conduct Related to Student Loan Activities

Establishes a code of conduct for transactions and activities related to student financial aid matters, in compliance with federal law (HEOA).

USSS-01 Student Services and Systems

Commencement Dates and Degree Conferral

Establishes a schedule for conferral of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

USSS-13 Student Services and Systems

Conflicts of Commitment Involving Outside Professional Activities for Academic Appointees

Details acceptable and unacceptable involvement in outside professional activities for all academic appointees.

ACA-29 Faculty Council

Constitution of the Indiana University Faculty

Outlines the organization, rights and responsibilities of Indiana University Faculty.

ACA-04 Faculty Council

Discussion of Grading Policy

Requires the faculty in every department to regularly discuss their practices and standards for assessing student performance.

ACA-71 Faculty Council

Distinguished Ranks

Details the different criterion and overall system for awarding recognition to faculty appointments.

ACA-39 Board of Trustees

Documentation for International Student Admission Applications

Establishes standards for verification and document management of materials submitted with an international application for admission.

INT-08 Office of the International Services

Emeritus Status

Details the circumstances under which the Emeritus title may be conferred upon a retired faculty member or librarian.

ACA-45 Board of Trustees

Employee Benefit Plans

Describes process for establishing and defines employee benefits.

HR-04-30 Human Resources

Establishing Campus Admission Policies

Establishes a standard template and guidelines for campus admission policies to create a minimum level of uniformity among each IU campus.

ACA-54 Faculty Council

Faculty and Librarian Annual Reviews

Details standards and procedures for annual faculty and librarian reviews.

ACA-21 Faculty Council

Faculty and Librarian Promotions

Details the faculty promotion process, including procedures for recommendations, criteria for promotion, and information regarding promotion in rank.

ACA-38 Faculty Council, Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Faculty and Librarian Salary

Establishes principles to guide the decision-making of university units which allocate resources to faculty and/or librarian salaries.

ACA-28 Faculty Council

Faculty and Librarian Tenure

Details the principles and procedures for faculty and librarian tenure including information regarding non-citizens and tenure-probationary periods.

ACA-37 Faculty Council

Faculty Boards of Review: Minimum Standards for Uniform Hearing Procedures

Details the standard hearing procedures for Faculty Boards of Review.

ACA-17 Faculty Council

Faculty Members Holding Administrative Positions

Guides salary determination for individuals holding both faculty and administrative positions when he/she no longer holds the administrative position.

ACA-08 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Faculty Representation at Indiana University Board of Trustee Meetings

Affirms the importance of including faculty in the affairs of the Board of Trustees.

ACA-03 Board of Trustees, Faculty Council

Fair Use of Copyrighted Works for Education and Research

Establishes standards for the fair use of copyrighted works by faculty, librarians, and staff.

ACA-31 Faculty Council

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research

Details provisions for avoiding, disclosing, managing, and resolving financial conflicts of interest in University research and sponsored programs.

ACA-74 VP for Research

General Provisions Regarding Academic Appointments

Provisions include purpose and use of appointment classifications, assigned responsibility limitations, faculty governance participation, part-time, special titles, retired faculty, and campus regulations.

ACA-12 Faculty Council

Grade Reports

Establishes expectations for faculty members regarding midterm grade reports, final grade reports, and posting student grades.

ACA-70 Faculty Council

Grades for Credit Earned by Examination

States the appropriate letter grades that may be assigned for credits earned by examination.

ACA-68 Faculty Council

Grades Given Upon Withdrawal from Courses - Undergraduates Only

States which grades may be assigned to students who withdraw during drop/add period, during or after the automatic withdrawal period, or are absent in the last weeks of a semester.

ACA-69 Faculty Council

Grading System and Implementation Procedures

Establishes Indiana University’s grade code and grading procedures.

ACA-66 Faculty Council

Health Care Benefits during an Unpaid Leave of Absence

Details the provisions under which employees on an unpaid leave of absence may continue participation in the University-sponsored medical and dental care plans.

HR-04-40 Human Resources

Honorary Degrees

Establishes the criteria and procedures for the awarding of honorary degrees.

ACA-62 Office of the President

In-State Tuition Rates for Certain Veterans, Military Members, and GI Bill Recipients

Establishes provisions for remission of the nonresident portion of credit-hour fees for full-time military personnel and spouses stationed in Indiana.

USSS-08 Student Services and Systems


Details circumstances permitting incomplete grades and procedures for uniform handling of incompletes, such as maintaining departmental records, removing incompletes, and absence from final examinations.

ACA-67 Faculty Council

Indiana University Athletic Aid Hearing Committee Appeal Procedures

Establishes procedures for informing student athletes of the right to appeal non-renewal or reduction of athletic aid and for the appeal process.

USSS-11 Student Services and Systems

Indiana University Libraries Privacy Policy

Details the privacy and confidentiality rights afforded to users of IU libraries and the steps taken to ensure protection of library user privacy.

LIB-01 Libraries

Intercollegiate Athletics Programs

Details the intercollegiate athletics program mission and goals; authority and responsibility; campus athletics committees; and the athletics coordinating council.

ACA-58 Faculty Council, Office of the President

International Student Service Delivery

Establishes requirements for delivery of non-immigrant international student services.

INT-07 VP for International Affairs

IU Financial Aid Code of Conduct

Indiana University financial aid staff employees are required to sign the Indiana University Financial Aid Code of Conduct annually prior to the start of the academic year.

USSS-16 Student Services and Systems

Leave without Pay for Academic Appointees

Establishes provisions for leaves without pay for academic appointees, including status and benefit information

ACA-48 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Management of Human Resource Records: Personnel Records for Staff and Temporary Employees and Benefit Program Records for All Employees, Retirees, and COBRA Participants

Describes the methods of storing and maintaining different types of human resources records and procedures for accessing, retaining, and disposing of these records.

HR-02-80 Human Resources

Medical and Dental Coverages

Details employee medical and dental coverage information such as effective date, plan changes, coverage termination, and other related provisions.

HR-04-50 Human Resources

Merger, Reorganization and Elimination of Academic Units and Programs Involving Core Schools

Outlines governing principles for the process of MRE organization of a core school.

ACA-79 Faculty Council

Military Withdrawal Policy

Establishes procedures to allow student members of the U.S. armed forces to withdraw from their courses in order to fulfill military responsibilities.

USSS-02 Registrar Council, Student Services and Systems

Other Leaves and Absences for Academic Appointees

Details provisions for academic appointee military tours, jury/subpoenaed witness, sick, and pregnancy/childrearing leaves of absence.

ACA-49 Faculty Council

Outside Activities and Extra Compensation for Academic Appointees

Establishes guidelines for academic appointees regarding allowable outside work and associated payment.

ACA-35 Faculty Council

Overseas Study Program Development

Establishes requirements for proposing and establishing any activities (credit or non-credit) for IU students anywhere outside of the U.S.

INT-03 VP for International Affairs

Oversight and Support Of Non-Tenure Track Faculty (Formerly Associate Instructors, Associate Faculty and Part-Time Faculty)

Designates responsibility for oversight of part-time associate instructors and associate faculty.

ACA-26 Faculty Council

Paid Family Leave for Academic Appointees

Details the circumstances under which academic appointees may take up to twelve weeks of paid family leave.

ACA-50 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Permanent Separations for Academic Appointees

Details various types of permanent separations for academic appointees, including resignation, retirement, non-reappointment, and discharge for cause.

ACA-52 Faculty Council

Political Activities of Academic Personnel

Details principles and procedures for the outside political activities of academic personnel.

ACA-34 Faculty Council

Preferred Name

Individuals will be identified in IU systems and procedures by the preferred name that they have designated.

USSS-15 Financial Management Services, Student Services and Systems

Preservation of University Records

Establishes the need to preserve documents related to Indiana University.

ACA-73 Faculty Council

Presidential Authority Regarding Academic Appointments

Describes the role of the university president regarding such personnel matters as faculty appointments, promotion, and appointments with tenure.

ACA-07 Office of the President

Procedure for Adding Notations on Official Indiana University Transcripts

Establishes a uniform procedure for approving and implementing requests to place notations on official student transcripts.

USSS-04 Academic Leadership Council, Student Services and Systems

Procedures for Awarding Posthumous Degrees

Establishes credit hour requirements, request procedures, and conferral practices for awarding posthumous degrees.

USSS-03 Student Services and Systems

Procedures for Program Reviews

Details the procedures for standardized program review.

ACA-65 Faculty Council

Reappointment and Non-Reappointment During Probationary Period

Details the principles and procedures for faculty and librarian tenure including information regarding non-citizens and tenure-probationary periods.

ACA-22 Faculty Council


Details the responsibilities, appointment terms, rights and privileges of, and benefits afforded to academic specialists.

ACA-24 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Reduced Room and Board for Student Employees

Clarifies how to treat Resident Assistants' reduced room and board for tax and financial aid reporting purposes.

USSS-09 Student Services and Systems

Regulation of Clinical and Lecturer Appointments

Regulates the use of clinical and faculty appointments, appointee rights and privileges, appointment and advancement, and protection of academic freedom.

ACA-18 Faculty Council

Regulation of Professor of Practice Appointments

Regulates the use of professor of practice appointments, appointee rights and privileges, the appointment process, and protection of academic freedom.

ACA-19 Faculty Council

Regulation of Research Appointments

Sets standards for research appointments, including ranks, part-time, research associates postdoctoral fellows, and academic specialist appointments.

ACA-20 Faculty Council

Release of Student Information Policy

Establishes procedures for allowing appropriate access to students' personal records and protecting their confidentiality.

USSS-05 Student Services and Systems

Research Misconduct

Establishes standards for appropriate research conduct and procedures for fair adjudication in cases of alleged misconduct.

ACA-30 Office of Research Compliance

Restrictions on Publications

Restrictions on publication of research are generally not permitted, however, the policy outlines an exception process.

ACA-76 Office of Research Administration

Retention Incentive Pay for Academic Appointees

Allows for retention of Academic employees who would otherwise terminate and begin receiving 18/20 Plan payments by means of retention incentive pay.

ACA-44 Human Resources

Retirement Policy for Executives, High Policymakers, and Administrative Officers

Details various types of permanent separations for academic appointees, including resignation, retirement, non-reappointment, and discharge for cause.

ACA-53 Faculty Council

Review Procedures for Administrators

Establishes the review procedures for University administrators.

ACA-10 Faculty Council

Review Procedures for Chancellors and Provost

Establishes the procedures for the review chancellors and provost.

ACA-13 Faculty Council

Review Procedures for Core School Deans

Establishes the procedures for the review core school deans.

ACA-11 Faculty Council

Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status for Indiana University Fee Purposes

Establishes the rules which will be considered when determining resident and nonresident student status for fee purposes.

USSS-07 Student Services and Systems

Sabbatical Leaves for Faculty and Librarians

Outlines the purpose of and procedures for sabbatical leaves and details benefits while on leave without pay for IU faculty and librarians 

ACA-47 Faculty Council

School of Medicine Paid Family and Medical Leave for Academic Appointees

Details the circumstances under which School of Medicine academic appointees may take up to twelve weeks of paid family leave.

ACA-51 Office of the Dean, School of Medicine

Search and Screen Procedures for Administrators

Establishes the procedures for searches and screening of University administrators.

ACA-09 Faculty Council

Senior Citizen Fee Remission

Outlines procedures for students who wish to take advantage for the Senior Citizen Fee Remission program.

USSS-14 Office of the NAGPRA Project, Student Services and Systems

Student Academic Appointments

Details requirements for student academic appointments including associate instructors and research, graduate, undergraduate, and faculty assistants.

ACA-16 Faculty Council

Student International Travel Safety

Establishes guidelines for university-sponsored and individual student travel abroad to countries under a State Department Travel Warning.

INT-04 VP for International Affairs

Student Organizations

Establishes regulations for Self-Governed Student Orgizations (SGSOs) University Student Organizations (USOs), and Non-registered student organizations.

STU-01 VP and Chief Financial Officer, VP and General Counsel

Student Rights Under FERPA

Lists the rights afforded to students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act with respect to their education records.

USSS-06 Student Services and Systems

Substance-free Workplace for Academic Appointees

Details penalties for unlawful use, possession, distribution, manufacture, or dispense or illicit drugs and alcohol for academic appointees.

ACA-40 VP and General Counsel

Transfer Credit From an Associate’s College Applied to an Indiana University Baccalaureate Degree

Establishes guidelines on transfer of credit from two-year Associate’s College.

ACA-82 Faculty Council

Transfer Credit Related to Military Service

Ensures that military personnel are given full consideration of military transcript, transfer, CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior College exam credit as provided for by Indiana law.

ACA-78 University Transfer Office

Transfer of Credit Completed at the 100 and 200 Level

States at what level first or second-year course credits earned at undergraduate institutions other than IU may be transferred for IU credit.

ACA-56 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Trustees' Teaching Award

Outlines procedures for the Trustees' teaching award.

ACA-80 Faculty Council

Undergraduate Intercampus Transfers

Details administrative principles, course equivalencies and degree requirements for undergraduate home campus transfers within the IU system.

ACA-55 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Master Course Inventory Policy

Outline a process whereby the web-based list can be converted to a tool that will ensure that identically numbered/titled courses on multiple IU campuses are comparable enough that their full inter-campus transferability for all degree requirements poses no problems to students and instructors.

ACA-81 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

University Faculty Committees

Explains the purpose and structure of University Faculty Committees.

ACA-06 Faculty Council

University-Sponsored, Employment-Based Permanent Residence Policy

Establishes procedures for university-sponsored immigration petitions to ensure compliance with federal immigration and employment petitions.

INT-06 VP for International Affairs

Unofficial Withdrawal Policy

Establishes processes for identifying students who cease or fail to attend classes without officially withdrawing.

USSS-10 Student Services and Systems

Use of Agents in International Student Recruitment

Establishes restrictions on who is authorized to represent Indiana University for the purposes of recruiting and enrolling international students.

INT-05 VP for International Affairs

Vacation for Twelve-Month Academic Appointees

Details the vacation standards for twelve-month academic appointees.

ACA-46 Faculty Council