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Title Number Responsible Office

Overseas Study Program Development

Establishes requirements for proposing and establishing any activities (credit or non-credit) for IU students anywhere outside of the U.S.

INT-03 VP for International Affairs

Oversight and Support Of Non-Tenure Track Faculty (Formerly Associate Instructors, Associate Faculty and Part-Time Faculty)

Designates responsibility for oversight of part-time associate instructors and associate faculty.

ACA-26 University Faculty Council

Paid Family Leave for Academic Appointees

Details the circumstances under which academic appointees may take up to twelve weeks of paid family leave.

ACA-50 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Permanent Separations for Academic Appointees

Details various types of permanent separations for academic appointees, including resignation, retirement, non-reappointment, and discharge for cause.

ACA-52 University Faculty Council

Political Activities of Academic Personnel

Details principles and procedures for the outside political activities of academic personnel.

ACA-34 University Faculty Council

Preferred Name

Individuals will be identified in IU systems and procedures by the preferred name that they have designated.

USSS-15 Financial Management Services, Student Services and Systems

Preservation of University Records

Establishes the need to preserve documents related to Indiana University.

ACA-73 University Faculty Council

Presidential Authority Regarding Academic Appointments

Describes the role of the university president regarding such personnel matters as faculty appointments, promotion, and appointments with tenure.

ACA-07 Office of the President

Procedure for Adding Notations on Official Indiana University Transcripts

Establishes a uniform procedure for approving and implementing requests to place notations on official student transcripts.

USSS-04 Academic Leadership Council, Student Services and Systems

Procedures for Awarding Posthumous Degrees

Establishes credit hour requirements, request procedures, and conferral practices for awarding posthumous degrees.

USSS-03 Student Services and Systems

Procedures for Program Reviews

Details the procedures for standardized program review.

ACA-65 University Faculty Council

Reappointment and Non-Reappointment During Probationary Period

Details the principles and procedures for faculty and librarian tenure including information regarding non-citizens and tenure-probationary periods.

ACA-22 University Faculty Council


Details the responsibilities, appointment terms, rights and privileges of, and benefits afforded to academic specialists.

ACA-24 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Reduced Room and Board for Student Employees

Clarifies how to treat Resident Assistants' reduced room and board for tax and financial aid reporting purposes.

USSS-09 Student Services and Systems

Regulation of Clinical and Lecturer Appointments

Regulates the use of clinical and faculty appointments, appointee rights and privileges, appointment and advancement, and protection of academic freedom.

ACA-18 University Faculty Council

Regulation of Professor of Practice Appointments

Regulates the use of professor of practice appointments, appointee rights and privileges, the appointment process, and protection of academic freedom.

ACA-19 University Faculty Council

Regulation of Research Appointments

Sets standards for research appointments, including ranks, part-time, research associates postdoctoral fellows, and academic specialist appointments.

ACA-20 University Faculty Council

Release of Student Information Policy

Establishes procedures for allowing appropriate access to students' personal records and protecting their confidentiality.

USSS-05 Student Services and Systems

Research Misconduct

Establishes standards for appropriate research conduct and procedures for fair adjudication in cases of alleged misconduct.

ACA-30 Office of Research Compliance

Restrictions on Publications

Restrictions on publication of research are generally not permitted, however, the policy outlines an exception process.

ACA-76 Office of Research Administration