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Title Number Responsible Office

Grade Reports

Establishes expectations for faculty members regarding midterm grade reports, final grade reports, and posting student grades.

ACA-70 University Faculty Council

Grades for Credit Earned by Examination

States the appropriate letter grades that may be assigned for credits earned by examination.

ACA-68 University Faculty Council

Grades Given Upon Withdrawal from Courses - Undergraduates Only

States which grades may be assigned to students who withdraw during drop/add period, during or after the automatic withdrawal period, or are absent in the last weeks of a semester.

ACA-69 University Faculty Council

Grading System and Implementation Procedures

Establishes Indiana University’s grade code and grading procedures.

ACA-66 University Faculty Council

Health Care Benefits during an Unpaid Leave of Absence

Details the provisions under which employees on an unpaid leave of absence may continue participation in the University-sponsored medical and dental care plans.

HR-04-40 Human Resources

Honorary Degrees

Establishes the criteria and procedures for the awarding of honorary degrees.

ACA-62 Office of the President

In-State Tuition Rates for Certain Veterans, Military Members, and GI Bill Recipients

Establishes provisions for remission of the nonresident portion of credit-hour fees for full-time military personnel and spouses stationed in Indiana.

USSS-08 Student Services and Systems


Details circumstances permitting incomplete grades and procedures for uniform handling of incompletes, such as maintaining departmental records, removing incompletes, and absence from final examinations.

ACA-67 University Faculty Council

Indiana University Athletic Aid Hearing Committee Appeal Procedures

Establishes procedures for informing student athletes of the right to appeal non-renewal or reduction of athletic aid and for the appeal process.

USSS-11 Student Services and Systems

Indiana University Libraries Privacy Policy

Details the privacy and confidentiality rights afforded to users of IU libraries and the steps taken to ensure protection of library user privacy.

LIB-01 Libraries

Intercollegiate Athletics Programs

Details the intercollegiate athletics program mission and goals; authority and responsibility; campus athletics committees; and the athletics coordinating council.

ACA-58 University Faculty Council, Office of the President

International Student Service Delivery

Establishes requirements for delivery of non-immigrant international student services.

INT-07 VP for International Affairs

IU Financial Aid Code of Conduct

Indiana University financial aid staff employees are required to sign the Indiana University Financial Aid Code of Conduct annually prior to the start of the academic year.

USSS-16 Student Services and Systems

Leave without Pay for Academic Appointees

Establishes provisions for leaves without pay for academic appointees, including status and benefit information

ACA-48 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Management of Human Resource Records: Personnel Records for Staff and Temporary Employees and Benefit Program Records for All Employees, Retirees, and COBRA Participants

Describes the methods of storing and maintaining different types of human resources records and procedures for accessing, retaining, and disposing of these records.

HR-02-80 Human Resources

Medical and Dental Coverages

Details employee medical and dental coverage information such as effective date, plan changes, coverage termination, and other related provisions.

HR-04-50 Human Resources

Merger, Reorganization and Elimination of Academic Units and Programs Involving Core Schools

Outlines governing principles for the process of MRE organization of a core school.

ACA-79 University Faculty Council

Military Withdrawal Policy

Establishes procedures to allow student members of the U.S. armed forces to withdraw from their courses in order to fulfill military responsibilities.

USSS-02 Registrar Council, Student Services and Systems

Other Leaves and Absences for Academic Appointees

Details provisions for academic appointee military tours, jury/subpoenaed witness, sick, and pregnancy/childrearing leaves of absence.

ACA-49 University Faculty Council

Outside Activities and Extra Compensation for Academic Appointees

Establishes guidelines for academic appointees regarding allowable outside work and associated payment.

ACA-35 University Faculty Council