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Title Number Responsible Office

Retention Incentive Pay for Academic Appointees

Allows for retention of Academic employees who would otherwise terminate and begin receiving 18/20 Plan payments by means of retention incentive pay.

ACA-44 Human Resources

Retirement Policy for Executives, High Policymakers, and Administrative Officers

Details various types of permanent separations for academic appointees, including resignation, retirement, non-reappointment, and discharge for cause.

ACA-53 University Faculty Council

Review Procedures for Administrators

Establishes the review procedures for University administrators.

ACA-10 University Faculty Council

Review Procedures for Chancellors and Provost

Establishes the procedures for the review chancellors and provost.

ACA-13 University Faculty Council

Review Procedures for Core School Deans

Establishes the procedures for the review core school deans.

ACA-11 University Faculty Council

Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status for Indiana University Fee Purposes

Establishes the rules which will be considered when determining resident and nonresident student status for fee purposes.

USSS-07 Student Services and Systems

Sabbatical Leaves for Faculty and Librarians

Outlines the purpose of and procedures for sabbatical leaves and details benefits while on leave without pay for IU faculty and librarians 

ACA-47 University Faculty Council

School of Medicine Paid Family and Medical Leave for Academic Appointees

Details the circumstances under which School of Medicine academic appointees may take up to twelve weeks of paid family leave.

ACA-51 Office of the Dean, School of Medicine

Search and Screen Procedures for Administrators

Establishes the procedures for searches and screening of University administrators.

ACA-09 University Faculty Council

Senior Citizen Fee Remission

Outlines procedures for students who wish to take advantage for the Senior Citizen Fee Remission program.

USSS-14 Office of the NAGPRA Project, Student Services and Systems

Student Academic Appointments

Details requirements for student academic appointments including associate instructors and research, graduate, undergraduate, and faculty assistants.

ACA-16 University Faculty Council

Student International Travel Safety

Establishes guidelines for university-sponsored and individual student travel abroad to countries under a State Department Travel Warning.

INT-04 VP for International Affairs

Student Organizations

Establishes regulations for Self-Governed Student Orgizations (SGSOs) University Student Organizations (USOs), and Non-registered student organizations.

STU-01 VP and Chief Financial Officer, VP and General Counsel

Student Rights Under FERPA

Lists the rights afforded to students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act with respect to their education records.

USSS-06 Student Services and Systems

Substance-free Workplace for Academic Appointees

Details penalties for unlawful use, possession, distribution, manufacture, or dispense or illicit drugs and alcohol for academic appointees.

ACA-40 VP and General Counsel

Transfer Credit From an Associate’s College Applied to an Indiana University Baccalaureate Degree

Establishes guidelines on transfer of credit from two-year Associate’s College.

ACA-82 University Transfer Office

Transfer Credit Related to Military Service

Ensures that military personnel are given full consideration of military transcript, transfer, CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior College exam credit as provided for by Indiana law.

ACA-78 University Transfer Office

Transfer of Credit Completed at the 100 and 200 Level

States at what level first or second-year course credits earned at undergraduate institutions other than IU may be transferred for IU credit.

ACA-56 University Transfer Office

Trustees' Teaching Award

Outlines procedures for the Trustees' teaching award.

ACA-80 University Faculty Council

Undergraduate Intercampus Transfers

Details administrative principles, course equivalencies and degree requirements for undergraduate home campus transfers within the IU system.

ACA-55 University Transfer Office