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Title Number Responsible Office

Adjustments to Budget

Defines the procedure for establishing new budgets after the start of the fiscal year.

FIN-BUD-40 Financial Management Services

Authorization of Budget Adjustments

Establishes procedures for reviewing budget adjustment requests for all accounts, including budgeted funds for contracts and grants.

FIN-BUD-50 Budget Office

Budget Requirements - Non-General Fund Accounts

Details the circumstances under which accounts within specified fund groups must establish an operating budget.

FIN-BUD-10 Budget Office

Distance Education Fee

Instructional fees for distance education courses.

FIN-BUD-90 Budget Office

General Fund Year-End Balances

Details guidelines for reporting on and maintaining campus general fund year-end reserves and for using reserves exceeding the set guideline amount.

FIN-BUD-4 Budget Office

Interest Income

Establishes guidelines for using interest income as funds for capital projects and land acquisition when state-appropriated funds are not available.

FIN-BUD-70 Budget Office

Interest Income Use

Defines appropriate reporting and use of interest income, in accordance with state statute.

FIN-BUD-9 Budget Office

Official Budget

Provides for public access to the current year’s official IU operating budget at the Financial Management Services Budget Administration Office.

FIN-BUD-1 Budget Office

Permanent Adjustments to General Fund Budgets

Establishes requirements for adjusting the base budget to reflect all permanent reallocations and changes.

FIN-BUD-30 Budget Office

Reimbursement for Housing Allowances

Provides a housing allowance to chancellors to cover expenses incurred while conducting university-related activities in the chancellor's home.

FIN-BUD-60 Budget Office

Review of Fiscal Activities

Requires fiscal managers to regularly review the financial activities for which they are responsible, and provides a procedure reference for reviews.

FIN-BUD-20 Budget Office

Student and other University Fees Approval

Establishes procedures for reviewing and approving fees and designates fee approval authority.

FIN-BUD-80 Budget Office