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Write-off of Delinquent Monies Owed to the University by University EmployeesFIN-TRE-VI-82



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Policy Statement

All monies owed to Indiana University by University employees will be written off 12 months after the last productive activity on the account. Debts may be written off prior to 12 months if they are coded as deceased or bankrupt. This includes all student and non-student receivable accounts. This policy specifically excludes accounts being administered by Student Loan Administration.

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Reason for Policy

To assure that employee debts will be written off in the same fashion as other uncollectible debts. It supersedes that portion of Controller's Memorandum 34A which specifically forbids write-off of uncollectible employee debts.

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Procedures that provide specific details with regard to this process are maintained by the Office of the Treasurer.

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Productive Activity: Having a recent (within 30 days) promise to pay or a current payment plan in place on the account.

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This policy was established on November 1, 1999.

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