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Non-Solicitation on CampusFIN-PUR-21.0


This policy applies to University students, employees, volunteers as well as to all vendors and other non-University individuals, entities and their representatives. This policy shall apply to on-campus commercial solicitations for the sale or purchase of goods or services that are neither officially recognized by, nor affiliated with, the academic mission of the University.

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Policy Statement

This policy places certain restrictions on commercial solicitation within buildings and facilities as well as on the grounds of Indiana University campuses or under the operating authority of the University to ensure that university employees and students have the opportunity to perform their duties free from intrusions.

This policy does not apply to official, University-supported solicitations that are intended to address the University's broader mission to serve the community. Examples of such missions may include university sanctioned events such as
  • United Way;
  • IU Foundation activities;
  • IU Dance Marathon;
  • Informational Materials;
  • Activities similar in nature to school or student fund-raisers;
  • Other approved activities.

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Reason for Policy

To avoid disruption of business operations or disturbance of University employees, students, and visitors, Indiana University has implemented this non-solicitation policy to address commercial solicitation on University property or within University facilities.

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University students, employees, and volunteers, as well as all vendors and other non-University individuals, entities and their representatives may not engage in the following activities: 

(a.) Commercial Solicitations (including distributing any kind of written or printed materials, sales of goods or services, including foods, buy back of books, etc.) on University property at any time. Exceptions to the Non-Solicitation Policy must be approved by the Office of Procurement Services.  

(b.) Door to door solicitation or commercial activity, unless specifically approved in advance.  

The non-solicitation policy does not prohibit normal activity by authorized vendor representatives engaging in business with the University as long as they are in compliance with other University policies and provided such activities are conducted with approval of the Office of Procurement Services.    

Approved vendors, at the discretion of the Office of Procurement Services in cooperation with appropriate campus approval, may be permitted to sell their products at specified locations on campus based on defined contractual terms.   

Nothing in this policy shall be deemed to affect the activities of university groups whose official activities include selling or promoting the sale of goods or services, taking surveys, or sponsoring assemblies or public addresses. Any such activities must have the appropriate University approvals prior to taking place. These approvals may include approvals by the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Procurement Services, or the Office of Research Administration. For further guidance on these types of activities, contact your Campus or Departmental Fiscal Officer or the Student Activities Office.   

Commercial Solicitations that relate to the promotion or consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or products or services that are contrary to the policies or mission of the University, are prohibited.

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Commercial Solicitation - Peddling or otherwise selling, purchasing, or offering goods and services for sale or purchase, distributing advertising materials, circulars or product samples, or engaging in any other conduct relating to any outside business interests or for profit or personal economic benefit on University property or using University resources.

Specified locations - Any specific physical location on University property that is predefined with the consent of the Office of Procurement Services in concert with appropriate campus administration staff.  For example: in the main first floor lobby of IUB Ballantine Hall, in the main lobby of the IUPUI Natatorium, first floor lounge of University South building at IUS, etc.

Indiana University Property - Buildings, grounds, and land that are owned by Indiana University or controlled by Indiana University, via leases or other contractual arrangements.

School or Student Fundraisers - Includes but are not limited to such activities as Girl Scout cookie sales, Boy Scout popcorn sales or student organization activities as may be approved by the Student Activities organizations on each campus.

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Violations of this policy by anyone not a member of the Indiana University community may result in removal from Indiana University property. Legal prohibitions regarding physical presence on campus/trespassing may also be pursued.

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Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Policy Questions - Purchasing Tim Rice 812-855-5646
Policy Questions - Purchasing Rob Halter 317-274-7746
Policy Questions - VP CP&F Linda S. Hunt 812-855-5878

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This policy was established in 2014.

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