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Distribution of Online Payroll ChecksFIN-PAY-IV-210


Policy applies to Fiscal Officers, Payroll Processors, and all people paid through the University payroll system.

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Policy Statement

All online payroll adjustment checks must be picked up by the employee to whom they are written at the campus payroll office. Proof of identity will be required at time of pickup and the individual will be required to sign for the check. If pickup by the employee is not possible, the Fiscal Officer, the Account Manager or Account Supervisor of the account making the payment can pick up the check for the employee at the campus payroll office. The payroll processor is not authorized to pick up the check.

Special payroll checks written for awards to be made by organizations must also be picked up at the campus payroll office. The Fiscal Officer, Account Manager or supervisor of the account making the award must pick up the check at the campus payroll office upon notification and will be required to show identification and sign for the check.

Individuals who have account delegation authority cannot pick up these checks in place of the Fiscal Officer, Account Manager or Account Supervisor.

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Reason for Policy

To separate the processing of payroll adjustments from the actual distribution of the checks after they have been written in order to eliminate fraud through payroll processing.

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Notification of an available online adjustment check will be directed to the departmental payroll clerk responsible for processing of the adjustment. The notification will state the name of the individual to receive the check and will explicitly state that this individual will need to personally claim and sign for the adjustment check, as well as show identification.

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Online payroll adjustment checks: checks that are written separately from the normal payroll distributions. Even if the separate adjustment check written occurs at the same time as writing of normal payroll checks, pickup at the campus payroll office will still be required.

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This policy was established on October 1, 1993.

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