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Possession of Firearms and WeaponsPS-03


All Indiana University property.

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Policy Statement

Possession of a firearm on Indiana University property is prohibited. The prohibition applies regardless of any permit to carry a firearm. The prohibition does not apply to law enforcement officers authorized to possess a firearm, either on or off duty, by the employing law enforcement agency. In rare cases, an exception to this policy may be granted for academic or research purposes. Such exception must be made by prior written authorization from the Superintendent of Public Safety and the campus police chief and the campus chancellor or provost. Possession of a dangerous article or substance as a potential weapon is also prohibited.

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Reason for Policy

The safety of Indiana University students and employees, as well as the safety of visitors, is the highest priority of the university administration and Board of Trustees. The prohibition of unauthorized firearms on university property reduces risk and supports a safe climate for the pursuit of the university’s academic mission and its role in serving communities around the state.

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Firearm - means a gun, whether loaded or unloaded, that discharges shot or a projectile by means of an explosive, a gas or compressed air.

Indiana University Property – Buildings, grounds, and land that are owned by Indiana University or controlled by Indiana University, via leases or other contractual arrangements.

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Any violations of this policy by members of the Indiana University community (faculty, staff, academic staff, students, or volunteers) will be dealt with in accordance with applicable university policies and procedures, which may include disciplinary actions up to and including termination from the university.

Violations of this policy by anyone not a member of the Indiana University community will result in removal from Indiana University property. Legal prohibitions regarding physical presence on campus/trespassing may also be pursued.

Suspected violations of law will be referred to law enforcement and may result in criminal penalties.

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Additional Contacts

Office Contact Phone Email
Superintendent of Public Safety Benjamin Hunter 812-855-4296

IUB Police Laury Flint, Chief of Police 812-855-7621
IUPUI Police Robert L. True, Chief of Police 317-274-4860
IUE Police Scott Dunning, Chief of Police 765-973-8435

IUK Police Thomas Remender, Chief of Police 765-455-9432
IUN Police Wayne James, Chief of Police; 219-980-7222 
IUS Police Charles Edelen, Chief of Police 812-941-2403
IUSB Police Kurt Matz, Chief of Police 574-520-5522
IPFW Police Stephen Kimbrough, Chief of Police 260-481-0739

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This policy, approved in 2013, reflects existing university policies, campus policies, university codes, and university practice.

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