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This policy applies to all Indiana University employees including faculty and staff.

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Policy Statement

University employees shall not acquire or purchase goods or services with University or University-managed funds for personal use. Vendors are not expected to extend beneficial pricing privileges to University employees but may do so at the vendor’s sole discretion. Any agreement with a vendor which seeks to extend discounts or services to employees shall have prior approval of the Associate Vice President of Procurement Services. These agreements shall not place Indiana University in the position of taking ownership or being responsible for funding such purchases.

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Reason for Policy

This policy is intended to:

  • Assure that University funds are used to support appropriate business use.
  • Guarantee the equitable treatment of employees.
  • Ensure University resources will be used exclusively for institutional use.

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Personal Use: Means activities that do not further the mission or purposes of University but rather are activities for the personal benefit of a single individual or group of individuals. Personal use items would be those that are considered a personal preference but are not necessary to do the required job. 

Business Use: Means activities that further the mission or purposes of the University and, in the case of an employee of the University, are activities that fall within the scope and authority of the person’s employment.

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Engaging in or permitting unethical or illegal conduct constitutes grounds for disciplinary action that may include disciplinary action up to and including denied or restricted access to the review of solicitation responses and other purchasing information, termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.

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Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Purchases for Employees Purchasing Help Desk N/A 
Purchases for Employees Rob Halter,
Exec. Dir., Purchasing
Purchases for Employees Tim Rice,
Exec. Dir., Purchasing

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This policy was last revised on March 1, 2015

This policy was last revised on June 30, 2009

This policy was established on February 18, 1992.

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