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All Indiana University employees, including faculty and staff, and all other individual(s) responsible for the expenditure of University funds regardless of the procurement mechanism employed.

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Policy Statement

Indiana University personnel will not participate in reciprocal purchasing arrangements. Indiana University shall continue to separate purchasing considerations from the objectives of fundraising endeavors of the institution including but not limited to sponsorship activity.

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Reason for Policy

Purchasing awards will be made on the merits of the purchasing process and not influenced by considerations outside of the purchasing environment. Awards of contracts or purchase orders may not be made on a quid pro quo (an exchange of goods or services where one transfer is contingent upon the other) basis.

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Reciprocity defines an act whereby something is offered to a person or entity with the understanding that there will be a quid pro quo action that will benefit both parties e.g. where an exchange of goods or services is contingent upon the other, such as a favor for a favor. Reciprocity can be viewed as a reward, mutual dependence or an action of influence. 

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Engaging in or permitting unethical or illegal conduct constitutes grounds for disciplinary action that may include disciplinary action up to and including denied or restricted access to the review of solicitation responses and other purchasing information, termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.

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Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Reciprocity Office of Procurement Serv 812-855-5646
Reciprocity Rob Halter,
Exec. Dir. Purchasing
Reciprocity Tim Rice,
Exec. Dir., Purchasing

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Created on: February 18, 1992

Revised on: June 30, 2009

Last reviewed: June 30, 2013

Last revised on June 11, 2015

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