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Policy Statement

University Procurement Services will comply with all state statutes, federal laws, and regulations. Included, but not exclusive, are the following state statutes:

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Reason for Policy

University Procurement Services will develop procedures, independently as well as in cooperation with other departments, to ensure that state and federal regulations will be followed.

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State of Indiana Code references may be found on this site:

Coal (Statute #IC 5-17.3): Indiana University is required to purchase coal mined in Indiana unless low sulfur coal is required by federal regulations, in which case, Indiana University may purchase coal from the best source.

Steel (Statute #IC 5-16-8-2): Steel products purchased by Indiana University must be American steel except where cost is unreasonable.

Indiana University Solicitation Process Procedures

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Public Works: Work, alterations, or improvements on public buildings owned by the state.

Recycled Products: Will be defined as recycled if:

  • 50% of the volume of the original components of the supplies are composed of recycled materials; or
  • the cost of purchasing recycled materials is 50% of the cost of producing the supplies; or
  • the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Management determines that the supplies are recycled.

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The source to this policy is:

State & Federal Government, University Procurement Services, University Facilities, Indiana University Bloomington Facilities Operations, and Physical Plant.

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