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Protection of Old Growth ForestsFIN-PUR-10.1


All Indiana University units and employees.

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Policy Statement

Indiana University will avoid wood or paper products derived from old growth forests.

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Reason for Policy

Indiana University recognizes the value of old growth forests and certain responsibility may be addressed within the procurement effort. Therefore common practice shall be to avoid the purchase of wood and paper products, and the use of such products, whose content is derived from wood raw materials found in old growth forests.

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Indiana University reserves the right to ask for documentation from any supplier if sufficient evidence is presented that the supplier is in violation of this policy. Indiana University also reserves the right to sever all dealings with any supplier in violation of this policy.

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Old Growth Forest: Stands and/or landscapes with either of the following characteristics:

A proportion of the trees have reached (or nearly reached) their maximum age relative to natural disturbance patterns to which the ecosystem is adapted.

Stands that have been essentially unaffected by intensive industrial activities over time periods long enough so that forest structure and composition are determined largely by natural disturbance and regeneration, and which are dominated by native tree species.

Included are all tropical forests and temperate rainforest (excluding those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council).

Wood or Paper Products: Any product that is based on wood or wood fiber products. This would include items such as paper, wooden furniture, plywood, paneling, particle board, dimensional lumber, veneer, etc.

Throughout the purchasing process, the campus purchasing department is bound by and follows statues, regulations, and ethical standards.

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This policy was established on May 7, 2001.

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