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Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency SituationsFIN-ACC-I-430


All Indiana University units and employees.

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Policy Statement

Indiana University staff who have been called to work during non-scheduled hours in an emergency situation can be reimbursed actual expenses for meals taken during this work period, if approved by the Director of the department. In addition, a supervisor who furnishes a meal for workers under the same emergency conditions can be reimbursed actual expenses for the meals if approved by the Director of the department. Reimbursement for meal expenses shall not exceed the meal allotments established for university travel. Reimbursement of the meals will not occur without proper receipts.

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Reason for Policy

To establish guidelines for when meals are reimbursable to individuals working in overtime situations.

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Proper receipts must be attached to the disbursement voucher before payment to individuals.

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Emergency Situations: are events that occur outside of the normal operations of an organization where it is determined the university is at risk and requires the organization's staff to work outside of their normal work schedule. These staff are in the position of not being able to leave the premises, or leave for only a limited amount of time.

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This policy was established on April 1, 1996.

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