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Leave without Pay for Academic AppointeesACA-48


All academic appointees.

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Policy Statement

If approved by the campus, faculty members may be granted leaves of absence without pay. Such leaves may be granted for one year and may be extended for a second year for good cause. Additional criteria and the approval process for leaves without pay shall be adopted by the campuses, and final approval shall rest with the provost or chancellor.

Status of Time Spent on Leave Without Pay
A year or semester on LWOP does not normally count as a year or semester of service to the University, except in the case of recipients of nationally or internationally competitive fellowships. This policy means that such leave will not be counted in reckoning:

  1. University obligations to make contributions to retirement funds.
  2. Year’s credit toward tenure, except that it may be counted if the leave is spent as a full--time faculty member at some other institution.
  3. Year’s credit towards sabbatical eligibility.
  4. Years of service which may be relevant under any other University regulations, such as those concerned with early retirement.

(Faculty Council, May 5, 1964; December 3, 1968; July 25, 1969)

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Request for Leave
When a faculty member or other academic employee wants to take such a leave (LWOP), he or she should initiate a request through the administrative process adopted by the campus. This request should be accompanied by a brief statement of the reasons for which the leave is sought.

Benefits While on Leave Without Pay
Group Life Insurance During leave without pay, the University will continue the insurance in force for three months. If the leave extends for more than three months, the insurance will be suspended unless the employee elects its continuance by the advance payment of premiums at the campus Human Resources Office. If the insurance is suspended during the leave, when the appointee returns it will be automatically reinstated in accordance with the plan certificate.

Health Care Benefits For health care benefits during leave without pay, see IU Human Resources policy: 

IU Retirement Plan Contributions It is the policy of the University not to make retirement plan contributions while an appointee is on leave without pay. Campus academic and research affairs offices may establish specific funding for highly prestigious leaves that may be structured to allow contributions to an IU retirement plan through additional pay. Appointees planning a leave without pay should consult with the UHR benefits office at (812) 856-5191.

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Updated September 2015 to align with HR policy Health Care Benefits During An Unpaid Leave of Absence

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