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Change in Scholarship / Athletic Hearing ProceduresUSSS-12

Policy Statement

  • Letters are received from Kathy Arnold in the Athletics Compliance Department to USSS, etc. indicating the change in scholarship and the academic semester/year
  • SES letters are then prepared indicating the student athlete’s right to a hearing. The letter is both mailed and emailed to the student athlete, Kathy Arnold and the student’s coach. A copy of the Athletic Aid Hearing Committee Appeal Procedures accompanies the letter to the student athlete.
  • In some instances, an email copy of the letter will suffice as official notification. Kathy Arnold will indicate when that is applicable.
  • A copy of the USSS letter along with the letter from Athletics is logged and saved in a binder in the office of the administrative secretary of USSS. An electronic copy of the letter received from Athletics and sent from our office will also be saved in //ads/ses/University_Financial_Aid_Office/Financial Aid Compliance/Internal/Athletic Hearing Letters.
  • Should the student exercise their right to an appeal the administrative secretary will arrange a date, time and location for all parties involved. All correspondence related to the hearing will go thru the office of Student Enrollment Services.

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This policy was last revised August, 2011.

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