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Indiana University Athletic Aid Hearing Committee Appeal ProceduresUSSS-11


The following financial aid procedures have been established at Indiana University to insure equitable treatment for all students qualified to receive athletic grant-in-aid assistance.

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Policy Statement

The following steps outline the procedures for informing student athletes of their right to appeal the non-renewal or reduction of their athletic aid as well as the general procedures involved in the appeal process. These procedures are also relevant to the issue of a transfer release from the university.

Step One:
The initial request for non-renewal or reduction of athletically related aid is made by the coach to the Athletics Financial Aid Officer. The Athletics Financial Aid Officer sends preliminary notification of the coach’s request to cancel or reduce the student-athlete’s athletics aid during the academic year or to not renew the aid for the ensuing academic year to the student-athlete, and copies are sent to the coach, the Director of Compliance for the Office of Student Enrollment Services (SES), the Compliance Coordinator, and the sport administrator.

Step Two:
The Director of Compliance for SES then sends a formal notification of Indiana University’s decision to reduce or cancel athletics aid during the period of the award or to not renew athletics aid for the ensuing academic year. This letter also informs the student-athlete of the right to a hearing if the student-athlete feels the award is being reduced for questionable reasons.

Step Three:
The student-athlete is expected within 14 calendar days from the date of notification to notify the SES Director of Compliance in writing (including email) of his/her intent to appeal the decision.

Step Four:
If a hearing is requested the SES Director of Compliance will schedule a hearing at the earliest date convenient to the student athlete, the coach, and the members of the Hearing Committee. The Hearing Committee is composed of (1) the SES Director of Compliance who serves as the chair of the committee, (2) a staff representative from and designated by the Dean of Students Office, (3) a faculty member from the University Athletics Committee selected by the chair of that committee, (4) a faculty member designated by the Dean of the Faculties Office, and (5) a student designated by the Student Body President. Only these members of the Hearing Committee shall be involved in the final discussion and vote.

Step Five:
The student is notified of the date and time of the hearing by letter. If available, documentation may be shared with both parties up to five days prior to the hearing. If not available, documentation will be shared at the beginning of the hearing.

Step Six:
Guidelines during the appeals hearing are as follows:

  1. Coach’s position, including rationale, documentary evidence, and witnesses, if any
  2. Student athlete’s position, including rationale, documentary evidence, and witnesses, if any
  3. Brief response by the coach to the student athlete’s comments
  4. Brief response by the student athlete to the coach’s comments
  5. Closing statement by the coach
  6. Closing statement by the student athlete
  7. Closing remarks by the chair of the committee

Note: There will be no cross examination by the parties of each other. Testimony by either party must be pertinent to the case. Any questions that one party wishes to ask the other party will be addressed to the Chair of the Hearing Committee, who will determine the relevance. Representatives from both parties will be given an opportunity to testify. Neither the student athlete nor the Athletic Department shall be represented by an attorney. Each party may confer privately with any advisor or representative during the process. Each side should be brief and to the point. The Chair of the Hearing Committee may ask witnesses to wait outside the hearing room until their time to testify.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Committee shall confer. Once testimony has been given, the committee will consider its decision in private. Only members of the Hearing Committee shall vote on the decision. Notification of the decision will be sent to the student, coach, and Director of Compliance for the Athletic Department.

This is the final stage of the academic appeals process at Indiana University. The decision of the Hearing Committee is final and is binding on all parties. There is no further internal appeal avenue provided by the NCAA, Big Ten, or University rules, regulations, or policies.

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This policy was last revised April, 2011.

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