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Authority of the President, Vice Presidents and Chancellors/ProvostACA-02

Policy Statement


The President is the chief officer of the University, and is responsible for the operation of the entire University within the framework of general policies provided by its Board of Trustees in keeping with the laws of the state.

The President is directly accountable to the Board of Trustees for accomplishing the objectives of Indiana University, for determining missions and priorities for its several elements, and for the effective and economical planning, utilization, and management of its resources. The President is also charged with responsibility for keeping the Indiana Higher Education Commission, as well as the Indiana University Board of Trustees, informed of current and long-range plans and developments. The President recommends to the Board of Trustees policies and decisions that will enable the University to cope with its many publics and a rapidly changing environment. The President is responsible for the external relations of the University with governmental and private agencies at all levels and represents the University at major functions.

Board of Trustees' Resolution regarding Authority of the President

Vice Presidents

The Vice-Presidents all have executive responsibilities as members of the Office of the President, where they function with the President as a team. In addition, they have functional authority over the work assigned directly to their units as it relates to policy-making and coordination for their respective functional areas on a university-wide basis. Where operating authority is involved, as in the case of a university-wide program operating from their respective units, they exercise ultimate line authority.


The Chancellors at Indiana University Northwest, Indiana University South Bend, Indiana University Kokomo, Indiana University East, and Indiana University Southeast are the chief administrative officers of those campuses and report to the Executive Vice President. The Provost at Bloomington and Chancellor at IUPUI also have university-wide responsibilities, serving as Executive Vice Presidents in addition to their campus based titles. The Chancellor at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne reports to the President of Purdue University.

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Reason for Policy

The Office of the President consists of the President, the Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, and their respective staffs. The Office of the President is designed to provide certain important services to all seven campuses of Indiana University. These services include budgetary planning and analysis, legal services, information and computer services, international programs, research and development, alumni relations, learning resources, and public and governmental relations as well as several other major functions enumerated below under the respective office descriptions.

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(Board of Trustees, September 11, 1987)

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