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Policy Statement

Academic Distinction

  1. To graduate with academic distinction, baccalaureate and associate degree candidates must rank within the highest 10% of the graduating class of their respective degree-granting units. Additionally, baccalaureate degree candidates must have completed a minimum of 60 hours at Indiana University. Associate degree candidates must have completed at least half of the hours required for their degree at Indiana University.
  2. The determination of students eligible for graduation with academic distinction will be done by degree-granting units so that students will be ranked with classmates who receive the same type of degrees.
  3. Each degree-granting unit shall determine the appropriate GPA requirements for the three levels of recognition: distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction.
  4. In the application of this policy, questions about ties and fractions shall be decided by the degree-granting unit. To go beyond the 10% restriction in the event of a tie should not be construed as a violation of this policy.
  5. This policy shall apply to students first matriculating at Indiana University in the fall semester of 1983–84 and thereafter. Those who matriculated prior to that time shall be eligible for degrees with academic distinction under the guidelines which prevailed at the time of their matriculation in the degree-granting unit in question.
  6. The standards recommended here are minimum standards, and any degree granting unit may adopt standards that are in excess of these.

(University Faculty Council, April 26, 1983; November 27, 1984)


Students admitted to an Honors Degree Program within an academic unit, who complete the honors degree curriculum, are awarded the degree with honors.

(Administrative Practice)

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