International Services Memo

TO:                  Charles R. Bantz, Executive Vice President and Chancellor, IUPUI
                        Susan Sciame-Giesecke, Interim Chancellor, IU Kokomo
                        William J. Lowe, Chancellor, IU Northwest
                        Sandra Patterson-Randles, Chancellor, IU Southeast
                        Una Mae Reck, Chancellor, IU South Bend
                        Larry Richards, Interim Chancellor, IU East
                        Lauren Robel, Executive Vice President and Provost, IU Bloomington

FROM:             Michael A. McRobbie, President
DATE:             February 12, 2013
RE:                  International Services

Effective immediately, I have asked the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs to proceed rapidly with implementing recommendations outlined in the recent review of international student and scholar services. The review was commissioned by Vice Presidents Applegate and Zaret and contains recommendations in three areas:

1.         Regulatory policy, practice, and service issues affecting international students, visiting scholars, and employees;

2.         Use, security, and retention of sensitive data in international admissions and student and scholar advising; and

3.         University-wide implementation of the SUNAPSIS software for international activities

Implementation of the recommendations will enhance the administration of international services at IU; mitigate the potential for serious risk concerning federal compliance; and better utilize the breadth and depth of international expertise on the BL and IUPUI campuses.

These recommendations include creation of dual reporting lines for some existing positions at IUPUI and IU-South Bend, reallocation of an existing position at IUB, and the appointment of International Services Liaisons on the other campuses with dual reporting lines. Other recommendations include establishing an International Student Services fee on the regional campuses that matches the rate currently on the IUB and IUPUI campuses, instituting a UA-OIS review and approval process for international enrollments that exceed 25 students per semester on the regional campuses and the Columbus Center, and implementing SUNAPSIS as quickly as possible for managing administrative processes for international students, scholars and faculty.

I am confident that these measures will enhance support for these constituencies and better assure institutional compliance with the relevant federal laws and regulations.


John Applegate, Executive Vice President for Univ Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy                 

Christopher Viers, Associate Vice President for International Services            

David Zaret, Vice President for International Affairs