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Title Number Responsible Office

Accepting Electronic Payments

Establishes guidelines for receiving and processing electronic payments efficiently, consistently, securely, and in a controlled manner.

FIN-TRE-110 Treasury Operations

Capital Financing

FIN-TRE-140 Capital Finance

Establishing and Modifying Revenue Producing Activities (RPA)

Defines a process for establishing/modifying activities which generate revenue by selling products/services by IU departments, units, and individuals.

FIN-TRE-121 Office of the Treasurer

External Agency Agreements

Establishes guidelines and an operating framework for IU to serve as fiscal agent for certain tax-exempt 501(c)(3) entities.

FIN-TRE-90 Capital Finance, VP and General Counsel

Interim Operating Advances

Establishes financing terms and conditions for providing interim operating advances to departments in the Auxiliary Enterprise fund group.

FIN-TRE-60 Financial Management Services, Office of the Treasurer

Internal Loan Policy for Capital Construction and Renovation Projects - Capital Lending Program

Details procedures for authorizing and administering loans from IU's internal cash liquidity resources for capital construction/renovation projects.

FIN-TRE-130 Capital Finance

Investment Policy

Establishes principles to help IU effectively supervise, monitor, and evaluate investments of financial assets.

FIN-TRE-150 Office of the Treasurer

Processing Revenue

Implements revenue processing and review procedures to standardize revenue processing within the university across similar functions.

FIN-TRE-120 Treasury Operations


Defines requirements for establishing accounts to be classified, invested, and accounted for as "quasi-endowments," or, funds functioning as endowments.

FIN-TRE-180 Capital Finance

Signature Authority and Delegation

Communicates guidelines regarding authority to sign and delegate signature authority on IU contracts and agreements with third parties.

FIN-TRE-100 Office of the University Counsel, Office of the Treasurer

Student Organization Annual (SOA) Report

Establishes responsibility for annual analyses and reports on the financial activities of campus student organization offices.

FIN-TRE-190 Office of the Bursar