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These new or revised university-wide policies have been approved within the past six months.

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Title Number Responsible Office Effective or Updated

Union-Administration Relations (Union Release Time) (AFSCME Service)

Details certain rights and activities of AFSCME union representatives for Service Staff.

HR-12-50 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Position Classification/Reclassification

Details the requirements for classifying and reclassifying BL and NW Support Staff positions at the appropriate job and grade level.

HR-01-20 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Posting a Position Vacancy

Details steps to advertise vacant staff positions and the levels at which vacancies may be advertised (campus, occupational unit, etc.).

HR-01-30 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Premium Pay

Details premium pay benefits for Support and Service staff and Temporary employees, including call back, on-call or standby, shift differential, and Sunday premium pay.

HR-03-50 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment

Details uniform and protective equipment provisions for AFSCME covered employees.

HR-06-50 Human Resources 07/02/2018

Evaluation Periods for New, Promoted, and Transferred Employees

Communicates requirements for new, promoted, and transferred employees' evaluation periods, including length and limitations.

HR-02-60 Human Resources 06/28/2018

Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Details IU's commitment to providing equal opportunities for all individuals and to taking affirmative action to overcome historical discrimination.

UA-01 Affirmative Action Office 06/27/2018


Details the holidays which IU observes and holiday pay provisions.

HR-05-30 Human Resources 06/15/2018

Corrective Action for Police Service Staff (AFSCME Police, Local 683)

Establishes procedures for taking formal actions to correct or improve Staff employee performance and behavior.

HR-08-20 Human Resources 05/23/2018

Union-Administration Relations (Union Release Time) (AFSCME Police, Local 683)

Details certain rights and activities of AFSCME union representatives for Police Service Staff.

HR-12-40 Human Resources 05/23/2018

Problem-Grievance Resolution for Police Service Staff (AFSCME Police, Local 683)

Establishes a process for problems that cannot re resolved informally to ensure fair and timely resolution of employee problems or complaints.

HR-09-10 Human Resources 05/23/2018

Sponsored Programs (Grant and Contracts) and Gifts: Definitions and Administration

Provides guidelines for fiscal management of sponsored programs and to meet federal, state, and regulatory requirements for the stewardship of funds.

SPA-11-014 VP for Research 05/10/2018

Subrecipient Monitoring

Defines respective roles and responsibilities for Subrecipient Monitoring.

SPA-11-019 VP for Research 05/10/2018

Laboratory Safety

This policy and associated procedures set Indiana University’s expectations in the area of laboratory safety.

PS-EHS-02 Environmental Heath and Safety 05/08/2018

Event Management

UA-14 Office of the Chancellor, Office of the Provost, Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs 04/30/2018

Income Protection Time (Sick Time)

Details provisions for the accrual and use of sick time.

HR-05-40 Human Resources 04/02/2018

Paid Parental Leave

Details paid time off provisions for parental leaves.

HR-05-65 Human Resources 04/02/2018

Paid Time Off (PTO) for PA

Provides a structured benefit plan for paid time off or pay during certain periods of leave and includes provisions for PTO accrual and usage.

HR-05-70 Human Resources 04/02/2018

Vacation Time

Details provisions for the accrual and use of vacation time.

HR-05-120 Human Resources 04/02/2018

Licensing and Trademark Policy

Provides standards, information, and guidance on the permissible use of IU's names and trademarks and stipulates its licensing requirements.

FIN-LT-01 Office of Sponsorships, Licensing, and Trademarks Under the Associate Vice President for Procurement Services 04/02/2018

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research

Details provisions for avoiding, disclosing, managing, and resolving financial conflicts of interest in University research and sponsored programs.

ACA-74 Office of Research Compliance 03/20/2018

Export Control

RP-11-009 Office of Research Compliance 03/20/2018

University Bargaining Unit Determination

Details procedures for recognizing employee representative bargaining units to ensure proper     management of their negotiations and administration.

HR-12-70 Human Resources 03/12/2018

Intercollegiate Athletics

Details the intercollegiate athletics program mission and goals; authority and responsibility; campus athletics committees; and the athletics coordinating council.

ACA-58 University Faculty Council, Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs 02/27/2018

Bylaws of the University Faculty Council of Indiana University

Overviews the standing bylaws of the Indiana University Faculty Council.

ACA-05 University Faculty Council 02/27/2018

Disclosing Institutional Information to Third Parties

Establishes responsibility to take appropriate steps to reduce risk of sharing institutional information with third parties.

DM-02 Committee of Data Stewards 02/21/2018

Student International Travel Safety

Establishes guidelines for university-sponsored and individual student travel abroad to countries under a State Department Travel Warning.

INT-04 VP for International Affairs 02/14/2018

Effort Certification Under Uniform Guidance

Provides guidelines for effort certifications for IU faculty, staff, and students paid all or in part on sponsored program accounts.

SPA-11-004 Office of Research Administration 02/01/2018

Hospitality Expenditures

Details the types of hospitality expenses incurred while conducting university business that may be approved or reimbursed to IU faculty and staff.

FIN-ACC-50 Financial Management Services 01/25/2018