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Title Number Responsible Office

Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status for Indiana University Fee Purposes

Establishes the rules which will be considered when determining resident and nonresident student status for fee purposes.

USSS-07 Student Services and Systems

Pay and Salary Setting

Describes how to set pay/salary for new hires, promoted employees, demoted employees, and transfered employees

HR-03-30 Human Resources

Sexual Misconduct

Defines the university's policy against sexual misconduct among members of its community, including specific provisions and enforcement principles.

UA-03 Office of Student Welfare and Title IX

Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources

Restricts the use of IU IT resources to purposes consistent with the university's mission and applicable laws.

IT-01 Information Policy Office

Paid Time Off (PTO) for PA

Provides a structured benefit plan for paid time off or pay during certain periods of leave and includes provisions for PTO accrual and usage.

HR-05-70 Human Resources

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Rights

Establishes provisions under which IU employees may take a leave of absence to attend to specified medical issues for oneself and family.

HR-05-20 Human Resources

Management of Institutional Data

Establishes acceptable use and disclosure of IU institutional data.

DM-01 Committee of Data Stewards

Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Details IU's commitment to providing equal opportunities for all individuals and to taking affirmative action to overcome historical discrimination.

UA-01 Affirmative Action Office

Reimbursement of Travel Expenditures

Provides guidance as to the types of travel-related expenses that will be reimbursed from university funds.

FIN-TRV-2.0 Travel Management Services

Voluntary and Involuntary Separation

Establishes guidelines and procedures for voluntary and involuntary separation from university employment.

HR-10-40 Human Resources

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Details IU's commitment to and procedures for accommodating the needs of faculty, staff, students, and guests with disabilities.

UA-02 Affirmative Action Office

Principles and Guidelines for the Professional Staff Salary Administration Program

Establishes the basis for the Salary Administration Program, salary structures, and other principles used to determine employee salary.

HR-03-60 Human Resources

Temporary Positions

Establishes limits on the number of hours that Temporary employees and Temporary employees with PERF may work in a calendar year.

HR-01-40 Human Resources

Work Schedules and Hours for Non-Exempt Employees

Describes the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and regulations regarding work hours, record-keeping, breaks, off-campus work, travel, and uniforms.

HR-06-70 Human Resources

Security of Information Technology Resources

Establishes responsibility for ensuring IT security, policymaking and implementation, and the reporting of and response to security breaches.

IT-12 Information Policy Office

Reward and Recognition Plans

Establishes provisions for designing and administering plans to acknowledge outstanding achievements, performance, and length of service.

HR-03-70 Human Resources

Programs Involving Children

Establishes requirements for IU programs that involve children and for external organizations using IU facilities for programs that involve children. State law requirements for reporting suspected child abuse apply to everyone.

PS-01 Public Safety and Institutional Assurance

Moving Expenses

Provides a means of paying for, or reimbursing, moving expenses incurred by new employees that are full-time staff or faculty members.

FIN-ACC-310 Financial Management Services

Disclosing Institutional Information to Third Parties

Establishes responsibility to take appropriate steps to reduce risk of sharing institutional information with third parties.

DM-02 Committee of Data Stewards