Development Process

Approval process

The development and approval of university-level policies are governed by UA-08 Establishing University Policies. Read on for additional guidance on the policy approval process. For assistance with the policy process or for any accessibility issues, contact the Office of Policy Administration.


Identify need

The responsible office determines issues and identifies the need for policy.

Draft policy

The responsible office drafts the policy, communication plan, and workload analysis and submits them to the Office of Policy Administration. A policy template in Word document form is linked here.

Review and comment

Seek feedback

The responsible office (with guidance from the Office of Policy Administration) consults stakeholders, the Policy Advisory Council (PAC), faculty governance, the president’s cabinet (if needed), and others to seek feedback and make adjustments to policy.

Post policy draft for 30-day review

During this period, the Office of Policy Administration posts the policy to the university policies website for a 30-day public review period. Exceptional circumstances may preclude a 30-day review period (see UA-08).


Route for final approval

After review and feedback periods are complete and necessary changes are made, the responsible office and the Office of Policy Administration route the policy to the responsible administrators for final approval. Responsible administrators with authority to approve university policies include vice presidents, the Board of Trustees, the University Faculty Council, and the president.

Post approved policy on university policies website

Once final approval is given, the Office of Policy Administration posts the policy on the university policies website as in effect.