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Title Number Responsible Office

Academic Freedom

Describes the the purpose and guidelines of academic freedom for faculty.

ACA-32 University Faculty Council

Academic Specialist Appointments

Details the responsibilities, appointment terms, rights and privileges of, and benefits afforded to academic specialists.

ACA-23 University Faculty Council

Authority of the President, Vice Presidents and Chancellors/Provost

Overviews the roles and responsibilities of the positions in the Office of the President.

ACA-02 Board of Trustees

Authority of The Trustees of Indiana University

Outlines the purpose, mission and function of the Trustees of Indiana University.

ACA-01 Board of Trustees

Cheating and Plagiarism

Defines cheating a plagiarism and establishes standards for taking action against students who are suspected in engaging in either act.

ACA-72 University Faculty Council

Classification of Academic Appointments

Details various academic appointment classifications including tenure-track, non-tenure-track faculty, and specialist and honorary appointments.

ACA-14 University Faculty Council

Code of Academic Ethics

Outlines the academic ethics that faculty should adhere to.

ACA-33 University Faculty Council

Conditions for Cooperation Between Employee Organizations and the Administration of IU

Establishes procedures for recognizing employee organizations and considering their views, suggestions, and employment interests.

HR-12-20 Human Resources

Discussion of Grading Policy

Requires the faculty in every department to regularly discuss their practices and standards for assessing student performance.

ACA-71 University Faculty Council

Distinguished Ranks

Details the different criterion and overall system for awarding recognition to faculty appointments.

ACA-39 Board of Trustees

Emeritus Status

Details the circumstances under which the Emeritus title may be conferred upon a retired faculty member or librarian.

ACA-45 Board of Trustees

Establishing Campus Admission Policies

Establishes a standard template and guidelines for campus admission policies to create a minimum level of uniformity among each IU campus.

ACA-54 University Faculty Council

Executive Air Travel

Establishes a limit on the number of university executives that may travel together on a single aircraft.

FIN-INS-19 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Faculty and Librarian Annual Reviews

Details standards and procedures for annual faculty and librarian reviews.

ACA-21 University Faculty Council

Faculty and Librarian Promotions

Details the faculty promotion process, including procedures for recommendations, criteria for promotion, and information regarding promotion in rank.

ACA-38 University Faculty Council, Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs

Faculty and Librarian Salary

Establishes principles to guide the decision-making of university units which allocate resources to faculty and/or librarian salaries.

ACA-28 University Faculty Council

Faculty and Librarian Tenure

Details the principles and procedures for faculty and librarian tenure including information regarding non-citizens and tenure-probationary periods.

ACA-37 University Faculty Council

Faculty Representation at Indiana University Board of Trustee Meetings

Affirms the importance of including faculty in the affairs of the Board of Trustees.

ACA-03 Board of Trustees, University Faculty Council

Fair Use of Copyrighted Works for Education and Research

Establishes standards for the fair use of copyrighted works by faculty, librarians, and staff.

ACA-31 University Faculty Council

General Provisions Regarding Academic Appointments

Provisions include purpose and use of appointment classifications, assigned responsibility limitations, faculty governance participation, part-time, special titles, retired faculty, and campus regulations.

ACA-12 University Faculty Council