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Title Number Responsible Office

Overdrafts, Bad Debts and Audit Disallowances on Sponsored Programs

Provides guidelines on the resolution of cost overdrafts and audit disallowances.

SPA-11-009 VP for Research

Payments and Fee Remissions to Graduate Students on Sponsored Programs

Provides guidelines for payments and fee remissions to graduate sutdents from sponsored program accounts.

SPA-11-010 VP for Research

Program Income on Sponsored Programs

Provides guidelines for the identification, documentation, expending and reporting of program income on sponsored programs.

SPA-11-011 VP for Research

Publication Costs on Federal Sponsored Awards

Provides direction regarding the timeframe for when the costs of publication or sharing of research results may be charged as a direct cost to sponsored projects.

SPA-11-022 Office of Research Administration

Reducing Text Messaging While Driving and Performing Work under Federal Grant or Contract

Defines the ban on texting while driving federally owned vehicles or any vehicle when performing work for or on behalf of the government.

SPA-11-024 Office of Research Administration

Requests for Advanced Accounts

Provides a process to establish an account prior to the formal receipt and acceptance of an award, executed contract, or award extension.

SPA-11-017 Office of Research Administration

Research Misconduct

Establishes standards for appropriate research conduct and procedures for fair adjudication in cases of alleged misconduct.

ACA-30 Office of Research Compliance

Research with Human Subjects

Provides guidelines that meet and adhere to the highest ethical standards and all applicable laws and policies related to research with human subjects.

RP-11-004 VP for Research

Residual Income on Fixed Price Sponsored Programs

Establishes guidelines for the transfer of residual income on fixed price awards from a sponsored account.

SPA-11-012 VP for Research

Routing of Sponsored Programs Documents at Indiana University

Establishes guidelines for the proper routing of documents for sponsored projects.

SPA-11-018 VP for Research

Signatory Authority and Legal Name for Sponsored Programs at Indiana University

Provides a process for proper authorization of sponsored program documents and to prevent unauthorized commitments of institutional resources.

SPA-11-013 VP for Research

Sponsored Programs (Grant and Contracts) and Gifts: Definitions and Administration

Provides guidelines for fiscal management of sponsored programs and to meet federal, state, and regulatory requirements for the stewardship of funds.

SPA-11-014 VP for Research

Sponsored Research Programs: Internal Submission Deadlines

Establishes guidelines for proposal submission to the Office of Research Administration.

SPA-11-025 Office of Research Administration

Subrecipient Monitoring

Defines respective roles and responsibilities for Subrecipient Monitoring.

SPA-11-019 VP for Research

Summer Salary from Sponsored Program Accounts

Provides guidelines for the allowable summer salary rates on sponsored programs.

SPA-11-015 VP for Research

Supplemental Pay on a Federally Sponsored Research Account

Establishes guidelines for the charging of supplemental pay to sponsored research accounts.

SPA-11-016 VP for Research

Visa Charges on Federal Sponsored Awards

Provides direction regarding the charging of visa charges as a direct cost to sponsored awards.

SPA-11-023 Office of Research Administration