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Title Number Responsible Office

Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources

Restricts the use of IU IT resources to purposes consistent with the university's mission and applicable laws.

IT-01 Information Policy Office

Computer and Network Accounts Administration

Details account provision, user responsibilities, and other matters related to IU network and computer accounts administration.

IT-18 Information Policy Office

Cyber Risk Mitigation Responsibilities

Establishes UITS' responsibility for maintaining secure IT infrastruture and services, and unit responsibility for leveraging these common resources to the greatest extent practicable.

IT-28 Information Policy Office, VP for Information Technology and CIO

Disclosing Institutional Information to Third Parties

Establishes responsibility to take appropriate steps to reduce risk of sharing institutional information with third parties.

DM-02 Committee of Data Stewards

Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources

Outlines eligibility requirements and procedures for use of university IT resources.

IT-03 Information Policy Office

Excessive Use of Information Technology Resources

Establishes procedures to reduce or cease overuse of the university's IT resources by particular users/activities to enable effective overall use.

IT-11 Information Policy Office

Extending the University Data Network

Restricts the use of certain network devices, such as routers or firewalls, that extend, secure, or isolate parts of IU's data network.

IT-19 Information Policy Office

Information and Information System Incident Reporting, Management, and Breach Notification

ISPP-26 outlines a the processes for a coordinated, consistent, efficient, and effective approach to identifying, investigating, and handling potential information and information system breaches.

ISPP-26 Information Policy Office

Management of Institutional Data

Establishes acceptable use and disclosure of IU institutional data.

DM-01 Committee of Data Stewards

Misuse and Abuse of Information Technology Resources

Establishes reporting and disciplinary procedures for instances of misuse or abuse of IU information technology resources.

IT-02 Information Policy Office

Privacy Complaints

ISPP-27 outlines outlines Indiana University's approach to providing a mechanism for individuals to submit complaints regarding IU’s privacy practices.

ISPP-27 Information Policy Office

Privacy of Electronic Information and Information Technology Resources

Establishes procedures for permissible access to electronic data and communications to protect individual freedom and privacy.

IT-07 Information Policy Office

Security of Information Technology Resources

Establishes responsibility for ensuring IT security, policymaking and implementation, and the reporting of and response to security breaches.

IT-12 Information Policy Office

Use of Electronic Mail

Details permissible and impermissible use of university email to ensure effective and appropriate communications.

IT-21 Information Policy Office

Web Site, Web Application, and Web Services Privacy Notices

Establishes requirements related to privacy practices and notices for content owners and site managers of university web sites and applications.

ISPP-24 Information Policy Office

Wireless Networking

Outlines permissible use of wireless networking equipment and establishes responsibility for developing standards of governance.

IT-20 Information Policy Office