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Substance-free Workplace

Establishes restrictions on the unlawful presence of controlled substances or alcohol on IU property and guidelines for workplace substance issues.

HR-07-60 Human Resources

Supplemental Pay for Occasional Additional Services for Exempt Professional Staff

Supplemental Pay may be used to provide compensation for occasional services provided to the university outside of the employee's normal work effort of his/her position.

HR-03-80 Human Resources

Temporary Pay

Establishes guidelines for authorizing temporary adjustments to employees' pay when additional responsibilities are assigned on an interim basis.

HR-03-90 Human Resources

Temporary Positions

Establishes limits on the number of hours that Temporary employees and Temporary employees with PERF may work in a calendar year.

HR-01-40 Human Resources

Threatening or Violent Behavior in the Workplace

Defines threatening and violent behavior and gives procedures for reporting and investigating incidents and actions to be taken.

HR-07-70 Human Resources

Time Off Accruals during Absences

Communicates the circumstances under which staff employees will or will not accrue time off or receive pay for absences.

HR-05-90 Human Resources

Time Off and Vacation Pay Allowance (Temporary employees)

Details the vacation pay allowance provided to Temporary employees employed prior to July 1, 2009.

HR-05-100 Human Resources

Time Off for Funerals and Bereavement

Communicates provisions for taking time off to attend funerals or for bereavement purposes.

HR-05-110 Human Resources

Training and Education

Communicates training and education opportunities available to IU employees and provisions for accommodating education during work hours.

HR-08-100 Human Resources

Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment

Details uniform and protective equipment provisions for AFSCME covered employees.

HR-06-50 Human Resources

Union-Administration Relations (CWA, Local 4730)

Details certain rights and activities of CWA union representatives for BL and NW Support Staff.

HR-12-60 Human Resources

Union-Administration Relations (Union Release Time) (AFSCME Police, Local 683)

Details certain rights and activities of AFSCME union representatives for Police Service Staff.

HR-12-40 Human Resources

Union-Administration Relations (Union Release Time) (AFSCME Service)

Details certain rights and activities of AFSCME union representatives for Service Staff.

HR-12-50 Human Resources

University Bargaining Unit Determination

Details procedures for recognizing employee representative bargaining units to ensure proper     management of their negotiations and administration.

HR-12-70 Human Resources

Vacation Time

Details provisions for the accrual and use of vacation time.

HR-05-120 Human Resources

Voluntary and Involuntary Separation

Establishes guidelines and procedures for voluntary and involuntary separation from university employment.

HR-10-40 Human Resources

Voting and Court Duty

Communicates provisions for paid absences allowed to IU employees to fulfill voting, jury, or witness obligations during scheduled work hours.

HR-05-130 Human Resources

Wage Progression Plan (CWA, Local 4730)

Details steps of the wage progression plan to determine the allocation of budgeted wage increase funds to Support Staff at Bloomington and Northwest represented by CWA, Local 4730.

HR-03-100 Human Resources

Whistleblower Policy

Establishes and details the protection afforded to employees and members of the IU community who make good faith disclosures of suspected misconduct.

UA-04 Internal Audit

Work Hours for Professional Staff Who Are Not Eligible for Overtime

Details work-hour expectations for Professional Staff ineligible to accrue overtime pay and eligibility guidelines for additional time off.

HR-06-60 Human Resources