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Management of Human Resource Records: Personnel Records for Staff and Temporary Employees and Benefit Program Records for All Employees, Retirees, and COBRA Participants

Describes the methods of storing and maintaining different types of human resources records and procedures for accessing, retaining, and disposing of these records.

HR-02-80 Human Resources

Medical and Dental Coverages

Details employee medical and dental coverage information such as effective date, plan changes, coverage termination, and other related provisions.

HR-04-50 Human Resources

Mutual Gains Meetings (CWA, Local 7430)

Details provisions for meetings between IU Human Resources and CWA union representatives for BL and NW Support Staff.

HR-12-30 Human Resources


Prohibits employment situations that constitute nepotism.

UA-10 University Compliance Office

Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Details IU's commitment to providing equal opportunities for all individuals and to taking affirmative action to overcome historical discrimination.

UA-01 Affirmative Action Office

Official University Identification Card

Outlines how the Official University Identification Card is issued, replaced, used, and managed.

UA-13 Office of the Executive VP for University Academic Affairs, VP and Chief Financial Officer

Operating Principles and Guidelines for the Compensation Program (CWA, Local 4730)

Details the Bloomington Support Staff compensation program, including compensation philosophy, salary structures, and FLSA compliance information.

HR-03-20 Human Resources

Outside Contractors

Communicates when and how to engage outide contractors.

HR-02-90 Human Resources


Establishes overtime pay and compensatory time off provisions in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

HR-06-30 Human Resources

Paid Parental Leave

Details paid time off provisions for parental leaves.

HR-05-65 Human Resources

Paid Time Off (PTO) for PA

Provides a structured benefit plan for paid time off or pay during certain periods of leave and includes provisions for PTO accrual and usage.

HR-05-70 Human Resources

Paid Time Off (PTO) for PB

Details paid time off provisions for administrative or professional staff who elected to stay in the PB Time Off Plan in 1985.

HR-05-80 Human Resources

Pandemic Emergency Policy

Establishes provisions for time off and working during campus closures or high rates of absenteeism due to  a pandemic emergency.

HR-11-40 Human Resources

PAU Positions

Details procedures of two options for recording time worked by Professional Staff in PAU classified positions in order to comply with FLSA rules.

HR-06-40 Human Resources

Pay and Salary Setting

Describes how to set pay/salary for new hires, promoted employees, demoted employees, and transfered employees

HR-03-30 Human Resources

Performance Appraisal (CWA, Local 4730)

Establishes a process for reviewing BL and NW Support Staff job performance and addressing performance discrepancies.

HR-08-70 Human Resources

Performance Improvement Plan

Establishes procedures for implementing a mutually agreed upon plan to improve employee performance and behavior.

HR-08-80 Human Resources

Performance Management Program for Staff Employees Not Covered by a Union

Establishes objectives and components of performance management programs which provide continuous feedback, planning, evaluation, and development.

HR-08-90 Human Resources

Political Activity

Establishes guidelines for employee participation in political activities to avoid potential conflict with the employee's obligations to IU.

HR-07-50 Human Resources

Position Classification/Reclassification

Details the requirements for classifying and reclassifying BL and NW Support Staff positions at the appropriate job and grade level.

HR-01-20 Human Resources