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Title Number Responsible Office

Adverse or Unsafe Working Conditions

Communicates accommodations for employees facing adverse working conditions such as loss of electricity, building damage, or personal safety hazards.

HR-11-10 Human Resources

Adverse Weather

Communicates expectations for work during occasions of bad weather or adverse road conditions and time off for when campus is closed.

HR-11-20 Human Resources

Alternative Work Schedules

Details types of alternative work schedules and criteria for requesting/approving such schedules to accommodate the personal needs of IU employees.

HR-06-10 Human Resources

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Details IU's commitment to and procedures for accommodating the needs of faculty, staff, students, and guests with disabilities.

UA-02 Affirmative Action Office

Articles of Cooperation

Establishes provisions, as a supplement to Conditions for Cooperation policy, for cooperation between employee organizations and IU administration.

HR-12-10 Human Resources

Associate to the Chancellor, Vice President, Provost, IU Alumni Association President

Establishes guidelines for the spouse of a chancellor, vice president, provost, or IU Alumni Association president appointed as his/her associate.

HR-02-140 VP and Chief Financial Officer

Attendance, Absences, and Personal Emergency

Establishes requirements for regular employee attendance at work and for reporting absences and personal emergencies.

HR-06-20 Human Resources

Background Checks

Details provisions for verifying information related to employment decisions, such as credentials and criminal history, through background checks.

HR-02-10 Human Resources

Base Retirement Plan for Professional Staff

Details professional staff base retirement plan provisions for Social Security, contribution levels, retiree status, and classification changes.

HR-04-10 Human Resources

Base Retirement Plan for Support and Service Staff

Details support and service staff base retirement plan provisions for Social Security, PERF, retiree status, and classification changes.

HR-04-20 Human Resources

Compliance Training

Ensure that supervisors and managers possess the knowledge of employment laws, regulations, and policies.

HR-08-10 Human Resources

Computer Usage (AFSCME Service)

Communicates allowable and unallowable computer usage by Bloomington, IUPUI, and South Bend Service Maintenance Staff during paid working time.

HR-07-10 Human Resources

Conditions for Cooperation Between Employee Organizations and the Administration of IU

Establishes procedures for recognizing employee organizations and considering their views, suggestions, and employment interests.

HR-12-20 Human Resources

Confidentiality of Student, Medical, and Personnel Records

Establishes restrictions on the use and release of confidential information and procedures for handling and requesting such information.

HR-07-20 Human Resources

Conflicts of Commitment

Defines such conflicts and establishes restrictions on employee participation in external organizations/activities.

HR-07-30 Human Resources