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Title Number Responsible Office

Use of Object Codes for Unallowable Expenses for Indirect Cost Recovery Purposes

Specifies the object codes that must be used when paying for services that are unallowable from university funds.

FIN-ACC-280 Financial Management Services

Use of Other Recognized Sources as Basis of Award

Recognizes state and federal price agreements as justification to enable known, qualified vendors to offer quotations for institutional purchases.

FIN-PUR-5.2 Procurement Services

Vehicle Service Requirements

Establishes preventative maintenance, inspections, and repair service requirements for university-leased or owned vehicles.

FIN-INS-04 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Vehicles Rented, Leased or Chartered

Establishes insurance coverage requirements that must be met in order to rent, lease, or charter a public transportation vehicle.

FIN-INS-06 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Who Can Use University Vehicles

Details the qualifications which a person or group must meet in order to use  vehicles owned, leased, or rented by IU.

FIN-INS-07 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Write-Off Accounts

Defines procedures surrounding write-offs of student and non-student receivables. This policy excludes accounts being administered by student loans.

FIN-ACC-500 Financial Management Services

Write-Off of Outstanding University Checks

Establishes procedures for writing off outstanding university payroll and disbursement checks.

FIN-ACC-530 Financial Management Services