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Title Number Responsible Office

Service of Alcohol

Establishes guidelines for serving alcoholic beverages on university property and/or in conjunction with university functions.

FIN-INS-10 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Signature Authority and Delegation

Communicates guidelines regarding authority to sign and delegate signature authority on IU contracts and agreements with third parties.

FIN-TRE-100 Office of the University Counsel, Office of the Treasurer

Signature Requirements on Transactions Where Fiscal Officer Has Divisional Responsibility and is the Project Director

Establishes controls for contract and grant account transactions when the fiscal officer has divisional responsibility and serves as project director.

FIN-ACC-20 Financial Management Services

Single-Source Orders

Establishes criteria for documenting single-source orders which may occur when competitive pricing may not be available or appropriate.

FIN-PUR-5.6 Procurement Services

State and Federal Statutes and Regulations

Establishes responsibility for developing procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

FIN-PUR-2.0 Procurement Services

State Conflict of Interest for Procurement Transactions

Establishes compliance with state legislation regarding conflicts of interest to ensure that procurement decisions are not made for personal gain.

FIN-PUR-3.3 Procurement Services

Stop Payment and Reissue of University Payroll Checks

Establishes a procedure allowing the immediate reissue of lost, stolen, or mutilated payroll checks.

FIN-ACC-541 Financial Management Services

Stop Payments and Reissue of Disbursement Checks (non-payroll)

Establishes procedures for placing stop payment orders and issuing replacement checks for lost, stolen, or mutilated disbursement checks.

FIN-ACC-540 Financial Management Services

Strategic Alliances

Provides for the development of strategic relationships with companies outside of the procurement process that may benefit both IU and the company.

FIN-PUR-15.0 Procurement Services

Student and other University Fees Approval

Establishes procedures for reviewing and approving fees and designates fee approval authority.

FIN-BUD-80 Budget Office

Student Organization Annual (SOA) Report

Establishes responsibility for annual analyses and reports on the financial activities of campus student organization offices.

FIN-TRE-190 Office of the Bursar

Timing of Payments and Off-Cycle Payroll

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-030 Financial Management Services

Transactions Utilizing the Pre-Disbursement Processor

Provides for the delegation of authority to conduct specified transactions directly with suppliers utilizing the pre-disbursement processors.

FIN-PUR-16.0 Procurement Services

Travel Reimbursement Deadline Policy

Establishes a deadline for submitting travel reimbursement claims.

FIN-TRV-3.0 Travel Management Services

Treatment of Year-End Reverting Funds

Establishes provisions for reallocating year-end unencumbered balances in general-fund accounts.

FIN-ACC-290 Financial Management Services

University Automobiles and Automobile Allowances

Communicates which positions qualify to receive university automobiles or automobile allowances and outlines the tax implications.

FIN-ACC-340 Financial Management Services

University Procurement Contracts

Establishes requirements for using established procurement contracts to purchase goods and services.

FIN-PUR-20.0 Procurement Services

Use of 12- and 15-Passenger Vans

Establishes restrictions on the use of 12- and 15-passenger vans and additional requirements for cargo vans used by Indiana University.

FIN-INS-05 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Use of Aircraft on University Business

Establishes controls for the operation of aircraft(s) by employees or others for whom IU is responsible during the course of university business.

FIN-INS-09 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims

Use of Corridors and Equipment Rooms for Storage

Restricts placement or storage of materials and equipment in corridors and stairways that impede emergency evacuation, contribute to or cause hazards, or impede the ingress of emergency personnel or access to building equipment.

FIN-INS-21 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims