New & Recently Revised Policies

These new or revised university-wide policies have been approved within the last year.

Title Number Responsible Office

Management of Institutional Data

Establishes acceptable use and disclosure of IU institutional data.

DM-01 Committee of Data Stewards

Corrective Action for Support Staff (CWA, Local 4730)

Establishes procedures for taking formal actions to correct or improve Staff employee performance and behavior.

HR-08-50 University Human Resources

Premium Pay

Details premium pay benefits for Support and Service staff and Temporary employees, including call back, on-call or standby, shift differential, and Sunday premium pay.

HR-03-50 University Human Resources

Leaves for Military Duty and Leaves for Military Families

Details provisions for IU employee leaves to fulfill military training or active duty obligations and leaves for family members of military personnel.

HR-05-60 University Human Resources

Unmanned Aircraft (Drones and Model Aircraft)

Establishes procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on Indiana University Property and/or by university employees as a part of their employment or University activities.

PS-05 Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims (INLOCC)

University Signage

Establishes conventions and procedures for location, direction, and way-finding signs on Indiana University campuses.

CPF-03 Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities

Employment of Minors

Establishes guidelines for employing minors.

HR-02-50 University Human Resources

Code of Academic Ethics

Outlines the academic ethics that faculty should adhere to.

ACA-33 University Faculty Council

Sexual Misconduct

Defines the university's policy against sexual misconduct among members of its community, including specific provisions and enforcement principles.

UA-03 IU Office of Student Welfare and Title IX

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Details IU's commitment to and procedures for accommodating the needs of faculty, staff, students, and guests with disabilities.

UA-02 Office of Affirmative Action


Prohibits employment situations that constitute nepotism.

UA-10 University Compliance Office

Selection and Filling Positions

Establishes guidelines including making the selection and salary offer, and employing individuals in multiple positions.

HR-02-110 University Human Resources

Position Classification/Reclassification

Details the requirements for classifying and reclassifying BL and NW Support Staff positions at the appropriate job and grade level.

HR-01-20 University Human Resources

Posting a Position Vacancy

Details steps to advertise vacant staff positions and the levels at which vacancies may be advertised (campus, occupational unit, etc.).

HR-01-30 University Human Resources

Problem-Grievance Resolution for Support Staff (CWA, Local 4730)

Establishes a process for problems that cannot re resolved informally to ensure fair and timely resolution of employee problems or complaints.

HR-09-40 University Human Resources

Pay and Salary Setting

Describes how to set pay/salary for new hires, promoted employees, demoted employees, and transfered employees

HR-03-30 University Human Resources

Temporary Pay

Establishes guidelines for authorizing temporary adjustments to employees' pay when additional responsibilities are assigned on an interim basis.

HR-03-90 University Human Resources

Ranking of Fiscal Officer, Account Supervisor, Account Manager, and Delegation of Signature Authority

Establishes rank requirements for individuals who may authorize financial transactions on an account.

FIN-ACC-I-10 Financial Management Services

Transfer of Credit Completed at the 100 and 200 Level

States at what level first or second-year course credits earned at undergraduate institutions other than IU may be transferred for IU credit.

ACA-56 Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs
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