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Summer Salary from Sponsored Program AccountsSPA-11-015


This policy applies to all Indiana University faculty receiving summer salary on any sponsored program account.

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Policy Statement

It is the policy of Indiana University that summer salary reimbursement from any sponsored program will not exceed 2.5% of the previous academic year’s salary for each week (full seven days) of service during the summer. Service must be performed between commencement day and the day one week prior to the first day of class for the fall semester on a specific campus. In addition, some agencies limit the duration of summer appointments, and there are campus limitations on the number of weeks that can be worked in any one summer.

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Reason for Policy

To establish maximum summer salary rates allowable on sponsored programs.

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While the summer session typically covers 15 weeks, summer salary on grant accounts is typically limited to a maximum of 9 weeks in order to provide the faculty member with vacation time as well as time to prepare and submit new proposals.  In special circumstances, employees may request summer salary for up to a maximum of 13 weeks with proper authorization.  Pay shall be based upon actual effort provided during the summer months, and shall not be based upon effort provided during the prior or upcoming academic year.  Most funding agencies allow summer salary, but the agency guidelines should be reviewed during the proposal submission to determine whether prior approval or inclusion in the proposal budget is required by the agency.  Department and school approval may also be required.

While academic year salary is often cost-shared by academic units, summer salary is rarely cost-shared, and must be approved by the department providing the cost-share funding.  The summer session is often spent preparing and submitting proposals to funding agencies; this activity may not be compensated with summer salary from a sponsored program account. 

Summer salary is processed by the campus Academic Affairs (or equivalent) office.  Questions regarding allowability of summer salary may be directed to the Office of Research Administration.  Questions regarding the process for receiving summer salary may be directed to the Academic Affairs office.

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Summer Salary: Salary received from sponsored program accounts by faculty on academic year appointments for work performed during the summer period.  

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Charges for summer salary that are not approved as per this policy will be considered unallowable and will be moved to a non-sponsored departmental account.

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  • III-80 Policies Related to Contract and Grant Administration: Summer Salary

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