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Sponsored Research Programs: Internal Submission DeadlinesSPA-11-025


This policy applies to all Indiana University personnel submitting proposals for sponsored projects. The Principal Investigator(s) (PI) on a grant proposal is ultimately responsible for adhering to the policy.

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Policy Statement

All proposals for sponsored projects must be reviewed by Grants Services of the Office of Research Administration (ORA) before submission to external sponsors. Proposals may not be submitted directly to the funding source without the prior approval of ORA. Administrative forms, including project budget, must be submitted to Grants Services by 9:00 a.m. four (4) business days before the sponsor’s deadline. Proposal narratives and technical material must be submitted in accordance with the timelines outlined in the procedures section of this policy.

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Reason for Policy

In order to ensure that IU prepares and submits competitive proposals that fulfill the administrative requirements of sponsors, it is necessary for ORA to review every proposal for conformity to sponsor guidelines, budget accuracy and allowability, acceptable contractual language, and appropriate internal approvals. External sponsors are increasingly strict about submission deadlines and proposal accuracy and often reject proposals that are incorrect, incomplete, or formatted incorrectly. In addition, several sponsors require submission of proposals through their own electronic systems, which may be slow or unresponsive during peak use as deadlines approach.. Submitting proposals by the deadlines stated in this policy will enable ORA to best serve all Indiana University faculty by ensuring adequate time to review, revise and process proposals.

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Applicable proposals deadlines are as follows:

Proposal Component Deadline
All sections of the proposal except the technical proposal and cited literature 9:00 am, 4 business days prior to sponsor’s submission deadline
Proposal submitted through Kuali Coeus and approved by applicable IU organizations 9:00 am, 4 business days prior to sponsor’s submission deadline
Final technical proposal and cited literature (including access to submit in FastLane) for National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals 9:00 am, day of NSF submission deadline
Final technical proposal and cited literature for all other proposals. Paper proposals should be submitted with all required copies and an additional copy for ORA records. 9:00 am, 2 business days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline

ORA encourages budgets to be at least one week prior to the internal deadline to ensure adequate review.

ORA will follow a first-come, first-serve review process for proposal submissions. All proposals submitted after the stated deadlines outlined in this policy are at risk of not being submitted. ORA will take all reasonable steps to accommodate late proposals subject to workload and staffing constraints. In cases where a late proposal cannot be accommodated, the PI will be informed by ORA. The PI may appeal this decision by having their Associate Dean for Research email an exception request to ORA. Any exceptions approved will only guarantee that all reasonable efforts will be made to submit the proposal to the external agency before the external deadline.

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Principal Investigators (PI): A Principal Investigator and co-investigator are Indiana University faculty or staff members who bear joint responsibility for the intellectual leadership of a project. The PI and co-PIs accept overall responsibility for directing the research, financial oversight, and compliance with relevant University policies and sponsor terms and conditions of award.

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This policy replaces the prior policy implemented January 1, 2010.

Policy was renumbered and moved to Sponsored Programs Administration subcategory.

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