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Time Off Accruals during AbsencesHR-05-90


This policy applies to all Staff employees.

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Policy Statement

Absences with pay and time off accrual

All Staff employees receive pay and accrue time off for absences covered under their respective paid time off policies (e.g., holidays, adverse weather conditions, voting and court duty, etc.).

Absences without pay and with time off accrual

  1. Employees who are absent without pay accrue time off under the following conditions:
    1. An employee is prevented from working due to a layoff of 30 calendar days or less, or at the request of the supervisor or department head.
    2. An employee cannot travel to work because of adverse weather even though the campus is open.
    3. An employee cannot work due to adverse working conditions.
    4. An employee is receiving Worker's Compensation payment supplemented by income protection time, vacation time, or paid time off.
    5. An employee is serving military duty. This accrual is limited to vacation time or PTO and is equal to the amount that the person would have earned had the military leave of absence not occurred, up to a maximum of one year's additional accrual. The rules on the maximum usage of vacation time or PTO in a year will continue to apply.
    6. An employee is on unpaid union-released time; see the Union-Administration Relations policy.

Absences without pay and without time off accrual

  1. Employees do not receive pay nor accrue time off while absent due to:
    1. A layoff of more than 30 and no more than 90 calendar days
    2. An FMLA leave that is not covered by any type of paid time off
    3. A leave of absence
    4. An absence (including tardiness by Support and Service employees) not already covered in this policy
  2. If an employee does not return to the job after 30 calendar days without pay, the department must initiate a leave of absence or separation. (The amount of work hours is prorated by FTE for part-time Staff.)

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Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to corrective action, up to and including separation.

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Replaces all of the following policies:

CWA 12.1 Time Off Accruals During Absences
Professional Staff and
Support and Service Staff
not Covered by a Union
10.1 Time Off Accruals During Absences

Replaces parts of the following policies:

AFSCME Service AFSCME Police

6.1 Absences With and Without Pay

  • C.2
  • C.3
  • C.4

Attendance, Absences and Personal Emergency

  • C.2
  • C.3
  • C.4

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