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Uniforms and Personal Protective EquipmentHR-06-50


This policy applies to all AFSCME Police Service and AFSCME Service employees.

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Policy Statement

  1. The University will provide AFSCME Police covered employees with the necessary protective equipment and uniforms consistent with current law enforcement standards and guidelines.
  2. The University will provide AFSCME Service employees with protective items such as goggles, face shields, gloves, etc.
  3. Campus departments will determine if uniforms are required and will provide related guidelines.

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AFSCME Service at Bloomington
  1. Safety Shoes
    1. The University agrees to subsidize or provide safety shoes to employees who are regularly required to perform work duties that have extraordinary potential for foot injuries.
    2. The Joint Safety Committee will meet and determine which employees shall be required to wear safety shoes and the annual allowance that will be provided by the University.
      1. Employees holding such positions shall be required to wear safety shoes as a condition of employment.
  2. Tools
    1. Some departments may provide a tool allowance. University Human Resources will approve the tool list. Tool allowance will be paid in lump sum annually. 

AFSCME Service Uniforms at IUPUI

  1. The current boot allowance is $140. A effort will be made to include all Red Wing retail locations in the direct billing arrangement.

AFSCME Service Uniforms at South Bend

  1. The employee-management committee who will be responsible for making recommendations concerning the selection and wearing of uniforms.
  2. Employees shall have their uniforms replaced in accordance with the following schedule:
    1. Five (5) uniform replacement sets at two (2) year intervals.
      1. Employees will have the option of selecting either long or short sleeve uniforms.
    2. One (1) coat at four (4) year intervals.
    3. Unserviceable or unpresentable uniforms will be replaced on an as-needed basis.
    4. If an employee must return a uniform to the vendor for repair or replacement, the employee will either be released from their regular shift or compensated at the appropriate rate for the time spent on such activity.
  3. Service Maintenance employees are not required to return their uniforms.
  4. Short pants are an acceptable part of the Facilities Management uniform except where safety concerns exist, such as with the handling of chemicals.
  5. Blue or black denim long pants are acceptable for wear by Service-Maintenance Staff provided they do not have holes, tears, patches, or external appliqués. The university will not provide for laundry or replacement of these pants purchased by the employee.
  6. Safety footwear-
    1. The University will determine the need for safety footwear based on position. If the University determines that safety footwear is necessary for a particular position, the employee will be reimbursed up to $100 for the cost of such safety footwear, no more frequently than every other year; provided however, that replacement safety footwear will only be reimbursed if the original footwear was damaged or worn out in the line of work for the University (such that the footwear is no longer able to provide the designed level of safety).
    2. The employee will purchase the footwear and present the footwear and the receipt to the Director of Facilities Management (or designee) for reimbursement.
    3. New staff employees will be required to purchase the footwear appropriate for their job assignment. The new employee shall be reimbursed the $100 upon successful completion of the New Employee Evaluation Period.

Time allowances to change uniforms

  1. See the Work Schedules and Hours policy for specific allowances for uniform changing times.

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Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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Replaces parts of the following policies:

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Replaces parts of the following agreements:

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