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Position DescriptionsHR-03-40


This policy applies to all Staff positions.

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Policy Statement

  1. Position descriptions should be maintained for all University Staff positions. Each supervisor should make a bonafide effort to have an up-to-date position description for each position under his/her supervision.
    1. Position descriptions are encouraged for Temporary positions.
  2. In addition, such documentation is intended to reflect the needs of a department. This enables supervisors and employees to understand the duties and responsibilities of a position and to use such documentation as a tool in planning.

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Reason for Policy

Written documentation is necessary to define the way work is organized and assigned to individual positions. This documentation is required to support a variety of Human Resource activities (e.g., position classification, job evaluation, market pricing, and new hire starting salaries) and to aid the university in complying with applicable laws and regulations.

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  1. All new positions must have a position description created using the university position description form.
  2. Meaningful updates to an existing position should be reflected in the position description.  If a position description is not available one must be created. See Establishing a Staff Position policy.
  3. Any significant changes to an existing position’s duties and responsibilities that may result in a review of the position’s classification must be updated on the position description.  Refer to Position Classification/Reclassification.
  4. New and updated position descriptions are submitted to the campus HR office for review and saved to HRMS.
  5. A job posting is not a valid position description. See the Posting a Position Vacancy policy.
  6. The department should have  a description of the duties and responsibilities assigned to each position within the department and will make a bona fide effort to ensure these are descriptions are updated.  
  7. The department should ensure that all incumbents have a copy of their position description.

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  1. A position is the specific set of duties and responsibilities assigned to and performed by an individual.  
  2. A position description is a written document that defines the primary purpose and key duties and responsibilities of a position.  
  3. A job is a collection of positions that have similar major duties and responsibilities.
  1. A job specification is the written summary of the most important and distinguishable features of a job, including the primary duties and responsibilities and qualifications required to do the job.

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Violations of University policies will be handled in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures; which may include disciplinary actions up to and including termination from the University.

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Additional Contacts

Policy Interpretation
University Human Resources

 Policy Interpretation
Campus HR office

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This policy replaces the following policies:

CWA 9.2 - Preparing a Position Description

This policy replaces parts of the following policies:

Position Classification/
9.3 - Position Classification/
10.2 - Rules and Guidelines for Filling Positions 2.2 - Position Classification/
Reclassification for Support Staff
  • C.9.
  • A.1.a.
  • A.1.b.
  • B.4.
  • B.
  • C.1.

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