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Posting a Position VacancyHR-01-30


This policy applies to all Staff and Temporary positions.

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Policy Statement

  1. It is the policy of the University that when it intends to fill a vacant Staff position, it will post the position in a manner that will allow qualified staff and other IU employees the opportunity to apply.
  2. The Campus Human Resources office must approve requests to waive the posting of a position.

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Reason for Policy

This policy provides University managers and supervisors with guidelines and procedures for job posting provisions for Staff and Temporary positions.

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Steps prior to posting a Staff position vacancy

  1. Before filling any vacant position, the department must obtain the appropriate campus and/or RC required approvals.  
  2. Ensure that the campus Human Resources office has classified the position. See the policy, Position Classification/Reclassification.
  3. Ensure that the Position Description is updated and on file with the campus Human Resources office. See the policy, Establishing Staff Positions.
  4. Temporary positions see Temporary Positions.
  5. The campus Human Resources office must be consulted before advertising the position to determine:   
    1. Compliance with any campus affirmative action requirements
    2. If any employees from the occupational unit, department, RC or campus are in layoff status who are qualified to perform the available work.
      1. If a layoff list exists, see the Reduction in Force policy for further requirements and the order in which position vacancies must be filled.
    3. If additional guidelines may exist on each campus for posting a position vacancy, as well as other recruitment and selection procedures contact campus Human Resources.
    4. The posting level of the position vacancy: within an occupational unit, department, responsibility center (RC), campus or university level, or to the public.   
      1. A listing of occupational units is available from the campus Human Resources office.
    5. Once it is determined by the administration to fill a vacant position, it will promptly be posted for bid as provided herein.
  6. During the posting period, departments may fill the job with temporary help.
  7. When a position is posted that a department is aware may include stand-by duties the department should include that information on all job postings.
  8. Provide an alternate format of the position announcement (e.g., Braille, large print, audiocassette, computer disk), if requested by an applicant with special needs.

Posting a Staff position vacancy internal to the unit

  1. If a department intends to fill a position vacancy internally and there are qualified staff eligible to apply within the occupational unit, department or RC, then the position may be posted internally at the desired level.
    1. Each functional classification for Staff positions (Professional, Support, Service, Clerical, Technical, etc.) is defined as a separate occupational unit.
    2. For AFSCME Police and Service covered positions:
      1. Job listings will be posted in all appropriate places within 48 hours of distribution. The posting will note the classification, pay grade, and, if applicable, the shift.
      2. See further instructions for Police Service Staff and AFSCME Service covered positions
    3. For Police Service Staff (all campuses):
      1. For AFSCME Police covered positions the University Director of Public Safety office will send an email notification of Police Service Staff position vacancies to current Police Service Staff employees. 
      2. If a Police Service Staff employee is interested in transferring departments, the employee should contact the campus department where the vacancy exists.
    4. For AFSCME Service covered positions:
      1. At Bloomington
        1. Temporary employees with Retirement who have worked 12 months within these units may apply.
        2. In departments with more than one Service Maintenance occupational unit, a position may be listed in the occupational unit of the opening only or in all the Service Maintenance occupational units in the department before the opening is listed in the campus-wide listing. Temporary with Retirement employees who have worked 12 months within these units may apply.
      2. At South Bend
        1. For AFSCME Service covered positions at South Bend: Prior to listing the job outside the occupational unit, the President of AFSCME, Local 1477-01 will be given a copy of the job posting for a new position review and comment. The campus Human Resources office will consider any comments that are received from the AFSCME President within two days, and make a final determination as to the content of the posting.
        2. Additional procedures relating to unfilled positions are available at
    5. For CWA covered positions posted internally, only staff from within that functional class are eligible to apply, unless indicated otherwise below:
      1. If no one is selected after all employees within the department have been considered for the position, the position will be posted campus wide on the Human Resources Web site.  
      2. Temporary and temporary agency employees are only eligible to apply for appointed Support Staff positions that are advertised campus wide.
    6. For Professional Staff positions (all campuses):
      1. A qualified Support or Services Staff is eligible to apply for an internally posted Professional Staff position.
  2. The unit is to communicate the vacancy to all employees within the unit and be able to demonstrate that this has been done
  3. All vacancies posted internally must be posted for a minimum of five (5) business days or one (1) week and must be posted in a manner that allows all qualified individuals to apply.

Posting a Staff position campus or university-wide or to the public

  1. All employment opportunities listed with the campus Human Resources office will be posted using the University approved application system.
    1. Contact campus Human Resources for instructions to post a position vacancy in the University approved application system.
  2. Position vacancies are listed at least one week or five business days. 
    1. For CWA covered positions, interviews and selection can take place only after the first week’s listing.
      1. Departments are not to make an offer before the Friday following the close of the first listing.
    2. Professional Staff positions are normally posted for two weeks or ten working days.  
  3. At Bloomington and Northwest, all listings of Support Staff confidential positions will indicate that the successful candidate will be exempt from CWA membership and representation.
  4. For AFSCME Service covered positions at IUPUI, during the first week of posting give preference in referrals to employees interested in transfer or promotion.”
  5. Notification requirements for union covered positions:
    1. Copies of all job openings for union-covered positions are available on the University approved application system and will be emailed to the Union local on campus.

Relisting a position

  1. At Bloomington, contact Employment Services to relist the position by sending an e-mail message to
  2. At other campuses, contact the campus Human Resources office.

When to re-advertise a position or use an applicant pool of a previous posting

  1. For AFSCME Service (Bloomington) and for CWA covered positions: In the event that no applicant has been selected within 90 days from the ending date of the most recent job posting, if the department determines to proceed with filling the position, the job opening will be relisted.
    1. If the selected applicant is removed from or leaves the position within 90 days of the ending date of the most recent job posting, the applicant pool from that posting may be used to make a new selection.
    2. If another opening for the same job title, classification level, and position description occurs in the same occupational unit during the posting of the job or within 90 days of the ending date of the most recent job posting, the applicant pool from that posting may be used to make a selection for the new opening(s). When an additional opening occurs at the time the original position is being posted, then the job posting will reflect that more than one job opening is available.
    3. For CWA covered positions, University Human Resources or the campus HR Director may approve the use of an applicant pool beyond the 90 day period when there is a reasonable business purpose.

Posting a Temporary Position

  1. At the request of the hiring department, the campus Human Resources office will list on the University approved application system.
  2. Departments have significant flexibility in selecting individuals to fill Temporary positions provided that the selection complies with the University’s Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action policy. Contact the campus Human Resources office for the specific posting procedures.
  3. If after consideration of the principles identified in the policy Establishing a Position, a department expects that a full-time temporary job (30 hours per week) will become established as a Staff position, the department must advertise the position through a campus-wide advertisement. The position must be advertised before departments make a commitment to employ.
  4. At the request of the hiring department, the campus office responsible for student employment will list Temporary positions designated for students (Work Study and non-Work Study). 

Advertising in newspapers, trade or professional publications, or job search websites

  1. The campus Human Resources office must approve all newspaper ads before publication.
  2. Responsibility for the payment of advertising costs varies by campus. 
    1. On the Bloomington campus, University Human Resource Services pays most local advertising expenses; departments pay state and national advertising expenses.
  3. All advertising for positions must carry at least this information in the tag line: Indiana University is an Equal Employment Opportunity / Equal Access / Affirmative Action Employer and provider of ADA Services.

Use of private employment agencies

  1. No position will be listed with a private employment agency or search firm without approval from the campus Human Resource office.
  2. Use of private employment agencies will be approved only if other means of recruitment have not been productive, or if there is a reasonable assurance that they will not be productive.
  3. Fee arrangements with any outside agency must be set forth in a contract. The campus Human Resources office and University Counsel must approve this contract in advance.
  4. When a position has been approved for listing with an employment agency, the employee may be reimbursed for one-half the agency fee after six months, provided the employee:
    1. Remains with the university for six months;
    2. Does a satisfactory job;
    3. Presents a receipt for fees paid to the agency. Any reimbursement must come from the employing department's budget.

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  1. Staff positions are defined as budgeted line positions and may be eligible for such benefits as health care, life insurance, the IU tuition benefit, vacation, and other paid time off benefits, depending on the FTE status of the position. 
  2. Temporary positions are defined as those employees not occupying a budgeted line position and are temporary, at-will employees.  These positions are not eligible for such benefits as health care, life insurance, the IU tuition benefit, vacation, and other paid time off benefits.
  3. Temporary with Retirement when the total number of hours worked is expected to be more than 999 hours during a calendar year (cannot exceed 1,508 hours in a calendar year, starting 2014).

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Violations of University policies will be handled in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures; which may include disciplinary actions up to and including termination from the University.

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December 2016
Revised to incorporate provisions of the 2016-2019 Agreement between Indiana University and CWA Local 4730.

February 2016:
Replaces the following policies:

Union or Employee Group Policy
AFSCME Police Advertising job openings
AFSCME Service 2.1 Advertising job openings
CWA 10.1 - Posting and advertising a position
Professional Staff and
Support and Service Staff
not Covered by a Union
3.1 - Advertising a position
Temporary 1.2 - Filling temporary positions

Replaces parts of the following policies

2.11 - Recruitment 6.5 - Career Development
and Changing Positions
10.2 - Rules and Guidelines
for Filling Positions
3.2 - Filling Positions
  • C.5.b.
  • C.5.b.i.
  • C.5.b.ii.
  • B.4.
  • Pro 1.b.
  • Pro 1.c.
  • Pro 2.a.
  • A.2.
  • B.1.a.
  • B.2.a.
  • B.2.b.
  • B.2.c.
  • B.3.a.
  • B.3.c.
    5.5 - Premium Pay  
  • D.2.v.

Tracked Changes:

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