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Establishing a Staff PositionHR-01-10


This policy applies to all Staff positions.

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Policy Statement

  1. It is the policy of Indiana University that if a position is expected to require at least 1,508 hours (75% FTE) or more of work in a calendar year, then the position is to be established as a Staff position following normal campus and university procedures.
  2. It is the policy of Indiana University that if a position is expected to require less than 1,508, but at least 1000 hours (50% FTE) of work in a calendar year, then the position may be established as a Staff position if (1) the position is needed for at least ten months in a twelve month period, and (2) funds are available before establishing it as a Staff position.

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Reason for Policy

The 1,508-hour threshold is based on the Board of Trustees direction that employees who perform full-time work for Indiana University should be treated in a consistent manner, with similar rights and privileges provided to other full-time employees. The 1,508 figure is based on an amount that approximates full-time employment (2,080 hours, 100% FTE) less university-provided paid time-off for holidays, vacation, PTO, and sick leave.

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  1. The steps for establishing a Staff position are:
    1. Create a Position Description as described in the Position Description policy.
    2. Obtain approval for establishing the new position using procedures specific to the campus and department.
    3. Options include establishment on a 12-month or 10-month basis and from 50% to 100% FTE.
    4. If the position is going to be established as a 10-month position, follow the 10-Month Staff Positions procedures.
    5. Follow the position classification procedure described in the appropriate policy, as it applies to the Position Classification/Reclassification policy.
    6. Contact the campus Human Resources office to begin recruitment for the position.
      1. A current Position Description must be on file with the campus Human Resources office before listing the job internally or externally.
  2. Procedures for the creation of Temporary positions can be found in the Temporary Positions policy.

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Staff positions are defined as budgeted line positions and may be eligible for such benefits as health care, life insurance, the IU tuition benefit, vacation, and other paid time off benefits, depending on the FTE status of the position. 

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Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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Additional Contacts

Policy Interpretation

Policy Interpretation
Campus HR office

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Replaces all the following policies:

AFSCME (BL, IN, SB) 1.1 - Establishing Staff Positions
AFSCME Police Establishing a Staff Position
CWA 9.1 - Establishing Staff Positions
Professional Staff and
Support and Service Staff
not Covered by a Union
2.1 - Establishing Staff Positions
Temporary 1.3 - Establishing Staff Positions

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