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Outside ContractorsHR-02-90


This policy applies to all AFSCME covered Police and Service Staff.

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Policy Statement

  1. It is the policy of the University administration to utilize its manpower, equipment and facilities to the fullest extent feasible. However, it is sometimes advisable to allow contracts with outside contractors. Such occasions arise, among others, when peculiar skills are involved, the work to be performed cannot be economically or efficiently performed by using University personnel or equipment, or where deadlines cannot be met using University resources economically and efficiently.
    1. State law requires that projects exceeding certain defined amounts must be done through a bid procedure.

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  1. When the University intends to contract with a private outside contractor to perform a substantial amount of work that has been exclusively and routinely performed by AFSCME Police Local or AFSCME Service bargaining unit employees as of the effective date of this policy, and this contracting out of work will directly and immediately result in substantial reduction of bargaining unit positions, the University will provide the Union with notice prior to a contract being awarded, except in cases of emergency.
  2. As in the past, the administration must reserve the right to make final determinations as to whether work shall be done by university personnel or outside contractors. In making this determination, however, the administration intends to always keep the interests of University personnel in mind. Ordinarily, University personnel and equipment will be utilized whenever it is deemed advisable to do so.
  3. Employees in the bargaining unit will not be laid off as a result of the use of prison labor or any other individuals under the jurisdiction of county, state or federal judicial or penal systems.

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Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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Replaces the following policies:

AFSCME Police Outside Contractors
AFSCME Service 2.9 Outside Contractors

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