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Employee Files: Personnel and Medical (CWA, Local 7430)HR-02-30


This policy applies to all Support Staff at IU Bloomington and Northwest, represented by CWA, Local 7430.

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Policy Statement

  1. Personnel Files
    1. Personnel files will be those records on all Support Staff employees.
    2. The term files will designate items or collections of information stored by the university under personnel name or identification number, whether maintained within the employing department, the campus Human Resources office, or elsewhere within the university.
  2. Medical files
    1. All medical certificates and related information that describe the health, medical history, or condition of an employee or an employee's family members must be handled as confidential medical information.
    2. Such information must be stored in a locked file separate from the personnel file.
    3. The employee's department will maintain such files.

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  1. Employee access to files
    1. Upon timely request, a university employee or his/her designated representative will have timely access to all information found in the employee's personnel and medical files. The determination of timeliness must reflect any policy or practical deadlines that the employee, representative, or university must meet.
      1. The designated representative must present a written authorization signed by the employee that clearly and specifically describes the information the representative may inspect or copy.
    2. At no time during the examination of the employee's file will the file be out of the direct supervision of the university recordkeeper.
  2. Union access to files
    1. Upon appropriate request, an authorized representative of the union may inspect information contained within an employee's personnel or medical, including information generally open under state law subject to the following:
      1. The union presents a written authorization signed by the employee that clearly and specifically describes the information the union may inspect or copy.
      2. Inspection will occur during times when the authorized representative is entitled by university policies to conduct union business and in a manner that corresponds with departmental and university personnel record-keeping policies and practices.

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Designated representative. A representative chosen by an employee to act on their behalf.

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Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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