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Responsibilities in Acquisition ProcessFIN-PUR-4.0


This policy applies to all Indiana University units and employees.

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Policy Statement

The acquisition of goods and services is a cooperative effort between the requesting department and the purchasing department. Many of the steps involved in the process are the direct responsibility of the purchasing department or the requesting department; therefore, both units have ownership of the outcome. Close cooperation is essential if the best results are to be obtained. After-the-fact purchase orders, except in the event of an emergency, will be avoided by early involvement of the purchasing department staff in the development of specifications or the identification of needs for goods and services.

University Procurement Services may terminate purchasing authority for an organization when on-going abusive activities warrant such action. University Procurement Services may also restrict personal reimbursements which may be construed as another form of after-the-fact purchases.

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Reason for Policy

While University Procurement Services is the sole purchasing authority for the University, cooperation between the requesting department and University Procurement Services is essential.

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Solicitation Process Procedures

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After-the-fact Purchase Order (confirming order): This occurs when goods or services are acquired outside of approved University procurement procedures. Consequently, a purchase order must be created after goods or services are received and invoiced in order to pay the supplier.

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This policy was established on February 18, 1992.

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